Jandaya Parakeet Vs Sun Conure

jandaya parakeet vs sun conure
jandaya parakeet vs sun conure

It’s good to know that both the Jandaya Parakeet and the Sun Conure are beautiful birds, and any of these will be an excellent addition to your house. These South American species belong to the same genus Aratinga and are known for their bright, vibrant colours, which make them look somewhat similar.

Though they are often called conure, the actual scientific name for these birds is a parakeet.

Though Jandaya Parakeet and Sun Conure are pretty similar in appearance and traits, there are some significant differences between the two, which would play an essential role in deciding your preference.

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This detailed guide will show you the significant difference between the two species, giving you a clear idea of which one to pick as your new family member.

Overview Of Jandaya Parakeet

overview of jandaya parakeet
overview of jandaya parakeet

The Jandaya Parakeet or Jenday Conure is mainly found in the woody areas of northeastern Brazil. This pet is often referred to as a ” small parrot, ” aptly describing his appearance and size. Janaya Parakeet became famous because of the illegal trading of these birds.

This made the Brazilian government pass the Brazil Wildlife Protection Act in 1967 to protect these birds and many other animals disturbed by this illegal trading. These are social birds that love to live in flocks.

Though they are considered to be the species of most minor concern as per the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), there are still many states which would require you to show a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) or some other documents if you are planning to move to some other place.Make sure you know the rules and restrictions before moving elsewhere ( and this applies to other pets, too).

Social Being

As these birds are social and love attention, they can be a great choice as your new pet.You would love to interact with these cute little creatures.

They are also quite playful as pets. Also, note that these birds are intelligent and would love to learn new tricks from you.


The Jandaya Parakeet needs a giant cage that will allow them the space to stretch its wings to the fullest. Also, two or more perches would prevent them from getting an injury on their feet.

It’s needless to say that you must add their favourite toys along with water and food, to ensure their entertainment.

Easy To Train

Janaya Parakeets are also relatively easy to train, which makes them a suitable pet for entertainment lovers. Though you must remember that it takes time to build trust and bond with your favourite pet.

Stay consistent with your attempts and treat them often. You will soon begin to see him enjoy your company. Note that they are not so good at vocalising. That being said, they are pretty good at mimicking sounds.

Health Tips

Keep in mind that Jandaya Parakeets love to be in warm areas. So place his cage in a draft-free environment.These birds enjoy various foods like mangoes and commercial bird foods.

Make sure they’re getting enough attention and social interaction.

Else they might develop some bad habits like screaming or chewing.

Hence toys are also mandatory.

Routine health checkup is also crucial for their long life.

Overview Of Sun Conure

overview of sun conure
overview of sun conure

The significant difference between the two species is found in their colours. The Sun Conure takes its name from the bright yellow shade found on its body and head. The wings of these birds have a combination of blue, green and yellow colours.

However, Jandaya Parakeet is found to have an orange body, green wings and yellow head.

The Sun Conure is considered to be an international traveller, ranging from Northern Brazil to Venezuela.

They also love to live in flocks.

In contrast to the Jandaya Parakeet, the Sun Conure is an endangered species, as per IUCN.

Active And Social

Both the species have many similarities in terms of their personality. Sun Conures are active birds, love to be social with their flock members. They are pretty playful, amusing and entertaining.

These birds also love attention and can be your affectionate companion.One difference here is the Sun Conure won’t endure being neglected.

They do scream a lot when they feel lonely and upset.


The Sun Conure also requires a large cage with almost the exact dimensions as a Janaday Parakeet. Of course, you will need a giant cage if you’re planning to have more birds.

They also require perches and toys in their cage. Highly Intelligent
The Sun Conure is a highly intelligent species.They can even figure out how to open the doors of their cages. Hence it’s better to get latches for the exits.

They can also learn numerous tricks and love to mimic sounds.

They may even mimic a few words. Also, note that Sun Conures have comparatively larger beaks, making biting a bit painful for you.It’s therefore recommended to have regular social interaction with them.

Health Tips

The healthcare for the Sun Conure is quite similar to that of a Janaday Parakeet.They enjoy being treated with fruits and vegetables. They also love to have commercial treats. It’s always recommended to keep your pet in a routine vet checkup for better health.


These birds are also attention seekers and are best suited for people who love to interact more with their pets. Though many people don’t find them suitable for their loud voice, Sun Conures chat and love to vocalise.

Because of their biting tendency, Sun Conures are often welcomed by experienced pet owners who are pretty good at handling nippy pets.

Choosing Your Pet Between Jandaya Parakeet & Sun Conure

There are several differences between the two birds.

The Jandaya Parakeet appears to be calmer than the Sun Conure. The rest depends on the amount of attention you are willing to give to your pet.

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