Labrador Heat Cycle : No Idea? (Explained) 2022

Congratulations, it’s a female Labrador puppy. She is undoubtedly adorable and loaded with an outstanding level of energy that is endless during playtime.

She is chewing the world as it’s her way of getting relief from teething irritation. Chewing and holding everything in its mouth is your Labrador’s behavior to know about good or bad, isn’t it great? 

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Female Labradors are great friends, and at the same time, they are responsible. It is worth mentioning that female Labradors require more care and love as compared to male Labradors.

Living with a female Labrador means you should know all details about the Labrador heat cycle, which are the main focus points when your lab goes into the heat for the first time and after that.

From the last line, you may think that when do female Labrador goes into heat for the first time? Labrador puppy will get into the first heat cycle at the age of 6 months.

Know that it’s not uncommon for the large breeds to take up two years for this process. So we can clearly say that the Labrador breed goes into the heat cycle twice a year.

For Lab parents, it’s crucial to know about the Labs heat cycles of their darling pup to read her mind. That’s the time when your pup needs more care because she may face some health changes. 

How often do Labradors go on heat?

Soon after the first heat cycle, it should not be too long to return on their regular schedule.

The Labrador heat cycle is almost the same thing that humans go through, but not as often. Comparing the labs heat cycle with humans, they typically go through the process twice a year.

Importantly, not all dogs and breeds are the same in their heat cycle; some go into the cycle once a year. While on the other hand, some specific dogs may have it more than two times a year.

Therefore, the dog parents need to log their Labrador heat cycle. Due to the regular logging of what’s happening with the pattern, dog parents can identify the odd changes.

Sudden changes may lead a trip to Vet to ensure that everything is going fine in a tip-top shape.

The overall heat session itself lasts within 3 to 4 weeks. Know that, during the cycle, your Labrador can be very fertile and even ready to pounce on any stuff it sees.

Whether it’s a human, male or female Labrador, even if you offer a stuffed animal, name it, and female Labrador will want it.

How do I know when my lab is in heat?

The more you will be aware of Labrador heat cycle, the more you will be attentive to notice physical changes.

You can see clear evidence to know when your lab is in the heat, along with the behavioral changes. Following are the standard and clear signs that your lab is in a heat cycle.

  • Swelling at the vulva is the clear sign that your Labrador is into the heat cycle
  • Blood passing out from vulva or some straw-colored discharge 
  • Showing a receptive behavior toward male dogs
  • Frequently licking the genital area
  • Aggressive or irritating behavior
  • Passing urine more often than normal
  • Change in the position of the tail is also a heat cycle symptom

Furthermore, there are some different stages of the heat cycle, such as


Proestrus is the beginning of the warmth time frame where your canine’s body gets ready to mate.

Signs are seen during this stage incorporate a swollen vulva, blood-touched release, excessive licking of the genital region, tenacious conduct, and hostility toward male canines.

Your canine may likewise hold her tail near her body. 


 The estrus stage is the mating stage where your female canine will be responsive to guys.

You may see that your dog is, by all accounts, peeing more often than ordinary, as she is checking spots to show her availability to raise.

Even though she might be leaving pee marks in regions, her vaginal release will ease back and may change to a straw tone.

Since your canine is prepared to mate, she will move toward guys with her tail held aside; however, she will be forceful towards different females. 


 This stage happens straightforwardly after the “in heat” stage and permits your canine’s body to one or the other to get back to business as usual or form into pregnancy.

Her vulva will get back to a standard size, and vaginal release will vanish. 


 Anestrus is an idle stage, and no indications of hormonal or sexual conduct are taken note of.

How long do labs bleed in heat?

Heat cycle in female dog means bleeding, but owners are not sure how long do lab bleed in heat.

This bleeding time can be different for each female lab depending on the health and body.

Mostly, female Labradors will cease bleeding soon after the end of Proestrus. While on the other hand, some labs continue to discharge the blood material throughout the estrus time.

However, you can arrange a trip to the Vet to know more about this normal bleeding.

Again, each female Labrador is different, but the general bleeding time for each is about 7 to 10 days after the initialization of bleeding season.

So please don’t panic about the bleeding in heat because it is pretty standard for your Labrador. 

Moreover, if your Labrador is still bleeding after the completion of 10 days, it can be a point of concern.

In this case, you must take some advice from the Vet and should arrange a complete body analysis to know about the actual reason.

A complete understanding of your Labrador heat cycle is crucial if you are willing to let her breed.

However, experts always advise you to avoid the species when it is the first female Labrador heat cycle.

Because they believe that your female Labrador is not fully developed, she may get some bone issues or other body problems.

How long does a Labrador stay pregnant?

Do you think that your Labrador is pregnant and you are going to be the brand new parent of two or more Labrador?

You are not sure how long your dog will be pregnant because it is the first time you enjoy this good news.

Of course, you are excited but worried at the same time because your dog needs more care than before.

Labrador’s pregnancy is mostly 63 days which is about 9 weeks in total.

However, it is crucial to mention that the overall duration of Labrador’s pregnancy can vary anywhere from 58 to 68 days.

Depending on the heat cycle, the overall pregnancy time may vary from lab to lab depending on their health condition and body functioning.

If your Labrador is going to pregnant soon, you must contact the veterinarian to know about the special care. After getting this good news, you must visit the Vet in the third week.

At that time, your Vet will perform a detailed ultrasound along with some X-rays depending on the technology.

There are a couple of changes you should make to deal with a pregnant canine. First, the eager mother will require a wellspring of nourishment that upholds development.

You will likewise have to visit the Vet a couple of times to screen your canine’s wellbeing.

Second, exercise should be acclimated to ensure the pregnant dog isn’t overexerting herself yet not getting inactive. The duration of your Labrador pregnancy is going to be pretty quick.

However, you should know what to expect in each week of your lab pregnancy so that you can provide her with proper care and love.

It is crucial to mention that consideration is essential in these 9 weeks and after your Labrador gives birth to the baby.

To conclude

Noticing your Labrador into the heat cycle is a clear sign that your pup is ready for breeding. It is up to the dog parents whether they allow this breeding or raise a single Labrador.

During this heat cycle, you will watch some different behavior and nature of your female Labrador.

Knowing about the yearly time of this heat cycle will help you cope with your dog’s sudden mood swings.

The heat cycle time can be irritating or painful for your Labrador, so love and affection are highly expected from your side.

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