When Can Labrador Puppy Climb Stairs? (Explained) 2022

If you bring a brand new family Labrador puppy at home, you will wish the best health, happiness, and even lifespan. 

Okay, everything is going fine, but your Labrador is heavy now, and you want it to climb stairs without being dependent on you.

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Your Puppy is frequently playing on the stairs, and you are not sure whether it is suitable for Labrador or not.

So before making it able to climb stairs, it’s better to know about the right age for it. Even, it’s the most asked query by the Labrador’s parent that when can Labrador puppy climb stairs.

Most of the time, you read that you should stop your Puppy from climbing stairs; why so? Why are stairs considered bad for pups?

Without wasting any time and diverting your attention, let’s jump to the straightforward answer.

From the age of 12 months to 18 months, Labrador can climb stairs without disappointing its owners.

Most dog owners believe that their Puppy is strong enough at 12 weeks to climb stairs alone. But your Labrador is still under its development level.

Also, if you are not helping your Puppy climb stairs even before 12 weeks, he/she may damage hip bone (this wear and tear is a much painful condition). 

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to avoid the stair climbing process until after the very first year.

In case of letting your Labrador puppy climbing up and down the long stairs, pause it immediately.

You may harm the health and bones of your Puppy, although it’s unintentional.

The hip bone or other issue is not just the pain of a puppy, but it’s also an uncomfortable zone for a dog owner.

While on the other hand, if you are a parent of a grown and strong Labrador puppy, train it to climb upstairs.

Read on and know about the stair climbing phase of your darling Labrador puppy.

Can Labrador puppies climb stairs?

Yes, luckily, Labrador puppies can climb stairs at some specific age of their life. Even at the age of 4 to 5th months, your Labrador will be strong enough to climb stairs.

They will navigate up and down without falling and asking for your help. However, it’s not recommended to allow your young Labrador to climb stairs.

As mentioned above, before 12 months, your Puppy may harm itself by frequent climbing of stairs.

Therefore, please don’t give them freedom of continuous navigation so you can keep them safe and sound.

Maybe your Puppy just learned about climbing the stairs, and you are not sure if it will come down on its own.

There can be confusion in the owner’s mind relating to the point that “can a puppy go up and downstairs”?

Can a Labrador puppy go up and downstairs?

You will find that almost all of the puppies are much curious about their environment.

As a dog parent, you will always find your pup exploring the background by each of its behavior.

Your Labrador puppy wants the adventure around the house. And then they explore the stairs in your home, and it’s going to be their new game.

Yes, a puppy can go up and downstairs, even in a systematic manner.

Puppies want to climb those stairs up and down, and they enjoy doing this and even for the dog parents, it’s fun to watch their tiny fur ball stretching over the stairs.

Again, this activity is not safe for your dog, and the experts do not recommend it. However, Labradors can practice running up and down at their young and small age.

The sharp sense of smell and sight forces them to explore new things. 

If you are not willing to stop your Puppy from climbing up and downstairs, you must provide the proper training.

The chances of falling from stairs or dislocating hip bone are less in a well-trained puppy than in the others. Before training, educate yourself related to the following points.

Is going up and down stairs bad for dogs?

The question is not new for Vets and me because almost each dog parent asks this while adapting a brand new fur ball. 

Mostly, each new behavior of the Puppy is quite exciting and even fun to watch. But climbing stairs makes the parents conscious and concerned for the young puppies. 

The straightforward answer to the question of going up and down stairs rotten for the dog is yes.

The dog parents highly recommend stopping their dogs from climbing up and downstairs if they do it frequently.

Moreover, if your Puppy is suffering from some physiological and some health issues climbing upstairs is terrible.

Also, in case of some injuries, you should not allow your Puppy to climb upstairs.

When stairs can be rotten for dogs?

There are some cases under which stairs are considered bad for the dogs. Know about the events and train your Puppy accordingly.

When you are not supervising

If you do not have enough time to supervise your Puppy when learning to climb upstairs, you should not allow it to do this.

In your absence, your Puppy may fall and broke its hip bone along with some other injuries.


There are chances that all of the lights are turned off, and it is dark at your stairs, and your Puppy may harm itself.

Invisibility is always the primary reason, due to which experts considered stairs bad for puppies.

Untidy stairs

Maybe there is some water at the stairs, and they are not clean enough for the Puppy. In case of untidy stairs, you should not allow your Puppy to climb up.

Safety precautions to make stairs safe for puppies

However, you should follow some safety tips for the Labrador while training your Puppy to climb up and downstairs.

All you have to do is work on these reasons and provide the safe climbing up and downstairs to your Puppy.

Supervise your Puppy

Experts recommend that the dog parents keep an eye on puppies when learning to climb up or downstairs.

In this way, you can prevent your dog from falling and getting some serious injury. Also, you can notice if your Puppy is climbing up properly or not.

Improve the visibility

Furthermore, improving visibility is always a good approach when your Puppy is climbing up the stairs.

For this purpose, you can turn on the lights and opening up the curtains so that all of the stairs and hurdles will be clear to your Puppy.

Keep the stairs clean.

Keep in mind that adopting a puppy requires the same amount of care as a human baby.

Keep your house and stairs clean so that your Puppy will not fall when learning new skills.

The surface should have a grip.

If you believe that the surface of stairs is slippery and there are chances of your puppy falling, you should build up some grip.

For this purpose, you can place the pieces of rubber carpet to increase the level of resistance.

Installation of dog Ramp

In case of facing some trouble while carrying your Puppy for indoor and outdoor stairs installing the dog Ramp is a good option.

It may require some training to make your dog confident enough to pass this Ramp properly.

Therefore we can clearly say that stairs are not always a bad thing for your Puppy.

Even with proper care and training, most puppies are excellent at climbing up and down the stairs.

If your Puppy is active enough to jump on its bed and even in the car, then stairs will be smooth for it.

Bottom line

As each dog breeds has its kind of food and nutrients requirement, they need some particular care.

At the end of this blog, you are entirely aware can Labrador puppy climb stairs, that stairs are not that bad if you follow safety precautions.

Labrador is a very Friendly, Popular as well as an expensive breed in the United States. 

However, in some other conditions, stairs may seriously harm your Puppy. In case of any physical evidence of pain, you should not allow your Puppy to climb up and downstairs.

Please keep the basic guidelines in mind when your Puppy start to practice climbing up on its own( for more queries, you can explore the site)

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