Why Labrador Puppy Is Not Eating? (Explained) 2022

You just got a new Labrador puppy and just settling up in the new environment. But, you found out your Labrador puppy not eating anything.

You have tried offering a lot of different treats, but nothing seems to work. Well, it can be a tense moment for the owner.

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But, there are several reasons behind it. Sometimes you need to worry. While, at times, it is okay to ignore it and give them some time.

I will try to cover all the possible reasons why your Labrador is not eating. Labradors are highly friendly dog breed one can have.

Also, you will get to know. What to do in this situation and when to contact your vet.

Let’s unleash it!

Why your Labrador puppy not eating?

There can be many possible reasons behind it. Let’s know about them.

1. Illness 

Suppose your dog is showing a lack of physical activities. Then, your dog might be sick.

But, it’s not always that your dog is in a severe condition. It is part of its life.

Also, at the same time, you can’t ignore this, so if your dog persists in it for few days.

Then consider talking with your vet to get the treatment done as soon as possible to avoid any adverse problem in the future.

It can be a sign of cancer, kidney failure, liver problem, etc.

2. Stress

Most of you might be thinking that dogs or any other animal don’t take any stress. But you are wrong!

Your dog can be under stress. Though, there is no life-sucking job to do. But, there might be certain external factors affecting your dog.

Try keeping their environment light, and if possible play, along with them. This way, they might feel much better and get back to their daily routine.

3. Infection

There are many viruses, and one of them is the dreaded Parvo. Along with it, some intestinal roundworms can affect the appetite of your puppy.

That’s the reason you should get your dog vaccinated from time to time to avoid these kinds of problems.

So, if you haven’t vaccinated your dog, then on a prior basis, you should get it done.

4. Dental Disease

Maybe your dog is having some issues with his teeth. It might be a broken or a loose tooth, due to which he is unable to eat.

If you find something like this, then you need to get a checkup done.

Fix an appointment as soon as possible!

5. Didn’t like the food

Puppies can also taste the food and if you tend to give them some bad food. Then they are most likely to repel from it and would deny eating it.

In this case, you can change the food you give them or go ahead and change the brand. That would be more suitable!

These were some of the possible reasons behind it. But, what to do when your puppy is not eating?

Well, here are some tips you can follow.

Lab not eating but drinking water?

It is another thing that many owners have experienced.

Some times, a dog don’t eat food but drinking water. So, is it something to worry about?

There is nothing to worry about, his stomach might be upset, and that’s the reason. He is not eating anything except drinking water.

Give him few days and monitor his symptoms if symptoms get worn over time. He stops drinking water, develops a fever, starts vomiting.

Then you should call your vet and talk about it.

Why is a dog not eating food but eat treats?

It is again a common thing, and it is referred to as partial anorexia. It occurs when a dog is not feeling well.

In this, a dog will eat what is unique to it rather than eating anything else. Such as treats, chicken, etc.

It can sometimes become an issue but is less dangerous as compared to complete anorexia.

What do you do when your lab won’t eat?

Don’t worry Labs are the best, You don’t have to be panic. Maybe there’s a simple reason behind it. But you are exaggerating it.

So instead, try these steps and check if your pet is back to its daily routine or not. 

1. Change the food

Maybe your dog isn’t finding the food to be tasty. So, slowly try to change the menu and add something new to it.

And notice what he or she likes to eat. You can use different brands, different proteins, and much more.

Also, you can trick them by placing the same food after few hours, but a fresh one. They might start eating that again.

2. Limit the treat

If your dog is not eating anything. Then try limiting the treat. This way, they will understand that the food given is the only meal for them.

After that, they might get back to their daily routine.

3. Be with them

All the dogs are not the same, and some dogs have separation anxiety.

So, try to be with them while they are eating. It just a matter of few minutes.

Then you can leave them, and get back to your work. 

4. Praise them

While you are putting down your food, right in front of their nose, try to praise them.

They are sensitive, and maybe praising them can change their mood and start eating back.

5. Hand feeding

Some pets also prefer hand-feeding rather than getting their food in the bowl.

So, take out some time and feed your dog with your hand. But, do remember no to make this a habit.

When they start eating it like before, then try to shift over the bowl feeding, that would be much better.

These were some of the tips you can use to get your puppy back to normal eating.

But still, if your dog is not eating anything. Then definitely talk to your vet to get the treatment done as soon as possible.

Remember, if your dog is losing its weight and is growing in the way it should. Then it needs emergency treatment.

Should I worry if my puppy is not eating?

This is what you might be questioning yourself. Right? Well, not every time you have to be worried about it.

Try to follow all the steps given above. It might go for 2 or 3 days, and it is not an alarming situation.

But don’t ignore the symptoms. Pay proper attention to the signs and if you find any unusual symptoms. Then it would help if you immediately got in touch with your vet.

If, after 2 or 3 days, your dog is still in the same position and not eating anything. Then it can be life-threatening, and you should immediately call for action.

Get the treatment done on time and thus, ensure the comfort of the dog.

How to stop this from happening again?

Till now, you must be aware of the causes. But, is there any way to prevent this from happening again in the future?

Yes, there is. You have to take extra care of your pet’s diet. Add food that is good for its health.

Never give them trash or spoiled food. It can eventually lead to an upset stomach.

Also, your dog can have arthritis and needs a medical procedure. So, instead of ignoring it, you should seek medical advice.

It can help the dog to heal over time and get better.


This article was all about how you can take care of your pet, what steps you can follow when your dog is not eating.

It is normal when dogs eat nothing and have been seen in many other dogs too.

But, paying attention to the symptoms and getting the treatment done on time can save the life of your dog.

Not every time you have to be worried about it, and also you can ignore it.

Some can be life-threatening and, therefore, needs quick action.

Also, don’t forget to get the vaccination of your dog done on time. It will avoid any disease to harm your dog, and again for this. You should consult your vet.

Do, try to follow all the steps. Maybe this can help you out.

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