Leopard Met A Golden Retriever And Now They’re Best Buddies

A dog chasing a cat isn’t something you’ll witness often, and it’s typically not the other way around. But the cat that appears in the video below is bigger than the majority. It’s because Salati isn’t your typical cat, but rather a wild leopard who has an unusual best friend.

Tommy is a cute Golden Retriever, and the two different dogs love only to play with to play and settle to cuddle each other. They first came across each other during a visit to Glen Afric Country Lodge in South Africa, and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

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Image credit Barcroft Media

Salati was a puppy when she arrived at the center. After she tragically lost her mother and was devastated, she was able to find refuge in the most loving and loving soul she came across – – a dog. Tommy immediately took the orphaned and confused cub and gave her the love and security she needed


Image credit Barcroft Media

It didn’t take long before the tiny cub became a huge wild cat. Salati and Tommy continue to play like two small children. “Wherever you see one, the other is right behind.” Richard Brooker, Salati’s caretaker, said. “They are very close and are very energetic, which is why they do the workout they both require. They are always having games and fun, and they are a lot of fun playing together.”

Image credit Barcroft Media

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