When Do Puppies Stop Sleeping So Much? (Explained) 2022

Bringing a new puppy at home is as joyful as bringing a newborn baby. We notice every movement of our puppy and keep reveling this beautiful creature’s cuteness.

Watching him sleeping and twitching in a dream at the new shelter is a fantastic feeling. But wait, “Is he sleeping all the time”. Are you curious to know that What age do puppies stop sleeping so much?

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The straightforward answer to your question is that at the age of 6 or 7 months, your puppy will hardly sleep for some hours in the day.

However, the answer may change according to the breed and health of your dog. Most of the species are active by birth and never sleep too much.

While on the other hand, some keep craving for sleep every hour.

You want to play with your new puppy, but its sleeping routine is acting as a hurdle. As a dog parent, you should be aware of the sleeping schedule of your darling puppy.

If you never had a puppy before, it’s pretty normal to wonder about its sleeping hours.

Sleep is much crucial for dogs as it is for humans. Without the proper amount of sleep, the pup will not play from the heart. By disturbing his sleep, you may challenge his energy.

As a dog parent, you must let him rest because your dog is growing each second, and sleep is a form of charging. They charge themselves for the exciting games for upcoming days.

How much do puppies sleep at 6 weeks?

After bringing the puppy home, you may expect the training sessions and chew along with crazy playfulness energy.

But when you notice him sleeping all time, you may worry and wonder about this schedule.

Your 6-week old puppy is too young to play all day and to attend training sessions, it still needs lots of sleep.

A 6-week old puppy requires a ton of sleep as compared to the more aged dogs. It is crucial to mention that your 6-week old pup should rest around 18 hours each day.

In this way, as a responsible dog parent, you must serve your pooch with an excellent shelter to sleep in.

Sleeping for appropriate hours boosts the immune system of the dogs. The more your dog will rest, the more he will be enjoyable while playing games.

Also, daytime napping is highly healthy for the body of our pup. In this way, the dog will know when and how much sleep is required by the body.

6-week old puppies just start falling asleep where ever they are, just like human babies. Don’t try to disturb or wake up when your pup is enjoying sleeping hours.

How much do puppies sleep at 8 weeks?

Let me assume that you brought an eight-week-old brand new puppy at home. Or maybe your puppy is now entering into its 8th week.

As a responsible dog parent, you want to know that how much do puppies sleep at eight weeks.

Along with other habits, puppies keep changing their sleeping duration along with the sleeping hours. For the healthy lifestyle of your puppy, its sleep is as crucial as human sleep.

With their growing age and increase in energy level, your puppy requires to sleep more. Sleeping is their way to boost up and bring back all of their energy.

From 18 to 22 hours is the average sleep for the puppies of 8 weeks. Moreover, some breeds may sleep more.

Also, the sleeping hours may vary depending on the health and activities of your dog. Even if you are not providing a comfortable sleeping environment to your puppy, it may wake up early.

While on the other hand, in the case of a smooth and cozy atmosphere, its sleeping hours may increase from 22.  

Additionally, sleep times in the morning or night can be different according to the need of your fur friend.

How much do puppies sleep at 10 weeks?

Sleeping puppy

Congratulations, your puppy is now ten weeks old, and you are more conscious about the diet and sleep. There is nothing cuter than this, that your puppy is growing in your hands.

You are taking care of your puppy, and it is waking you up all hours at night, like your child. However, waking up every night is no more fun for you because it may get hectic.

Don’t panic.

There are some ways you can train your puppy to sleep at night and play in the morning. But training your puppy to sleep at night is not our concern here, but we are here to answer how much puppies sleep in 10 weeks.

Alongside different propensities, doggies continue changing their resting length alongside the dozing hours. For a sound way of life of your doggy, its rest is vital, for what it’s worth for human.

From 18 to 20 hours is the ordinary rest for the doggies of about two months. Also, a few breeds may rest more.

Additionally, the dozing hours may differ contingent upon the wellbeing and exercises of your canine. Indeed, on the off chance that you are not giving a happy dozing climate to your little dog, it might wake up early.

Moreover, rest times in the first part of the day or night can be distinctive as per the need of your hide companion.

Help your puppy to get proper daytime sleep.

Do not disturb your puppy when it is sleeping. Understand the point that it’s not easy to calm your puppy down into your lap. Also, don’t rely on the sleep refusal by a puppy. Just keep calm and make him cozy in your lap

You should have a specific area for your puppy to rest in the daytime. Make sure the spot which you are selecting is highly compatible according to the weather.

Moreover, you can also place a puppy’s crate where it’s not much cold and hot.

Make sure that the location is completely free from the outside noise because it may excite your puppy and he will not sleep.

Try to turn off all of the lights so that your puppy will not find anything as a distraction and he will sleep in a calm environment.

Also, make sure that your puppy is full and not hungry anymore otherwise he is not going to sleep in the daytime.

 Help your puppy to sleep at night.

While on the other hand same effort of the dog parent is required when you want your puppy to sleep at night right on the time.

For this purpose, you will have to make the crate according to the needs of your puppy such that it should be comfortable and cozy to sleep.

Do not push your puppy into the crate because he may get afraid of it. In order to invite your puppy into the sleeping location, you can put his favorite toys.

Moreover, you can also train your puppy with all of the basic commands which are going to help you in the dog sleeping session.

Establishing a complete sleeping schedule is highly appreciated. The right schedule will start from the first day after adopting the puppy.

If your puppy is well trained to sleep on time then you will not have to do additional efforts.

Keep in mind that puppies never like to sleep alone because they get into separation in anxiety.

For a healthy and active puppy, it is crucial to take care of his sleeping time otherwise he will be lazy and won’t play with you.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended to select their sleeping areas wisely to make them comfortable at your home.

Wrap up

I believe that at the end of this blog you will be aware of the sleeping requirements of your young puppy. At different stages of life, your puppy needs different hours of sleep which you should know.


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