Why My Puppy Barks At Me? (Explained) 2022

When your fur friend is brand new at your home, it may start barking at you. Then you might be wondering why my puppy barks at me? 

Puppies have their reasons due to which they show some behavior. Anger, fear, attention-seeking, along with some explanations, makes your puppy barks at you.

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What does it mean when a puppy barks at you?

1. Territorial barking

Know that puppies can bark excessively due to people’s presence and due to other dogs.

Puppies do not like someone to be present in their territory; that’s the reason for excessive barking.

Maybe your puppy is brand new at your home, and it’s not much attached to you, so it starts baking when you enter its territory.

While the reason can be the opposite, your puppy starts to bark due to the attachment and strong association with you.

2. Alarm Barking

In case of noticing excessive barking at each noise and the sight regardless of the context, it indicates alarm barking.

Alarm barking is entirely different from territorial barking. Within the alarm barking, you will notice that the puppy is barking at almost every sound and person regardless of location.

This happens when your puppy is not trained enough to stop barking, so it also barks at the owner.

It may occur when your puppy is new at your home and is not aware of who the owner is.

3. Attention seeking

While adopting a puppy, you should be aware that they are the most significant attention seekers.

Moving around you and continuously barking is their way of getting attention from you. You may wonder why a puppy is constantly barking at you when you enjoy some TV show or busy in some hectic routine.

Soon you start spending time with your puppy; it will forget barking at you because you fulfilled what it was demanding.

4. Greeting barking

You came home after a long and hectic day, and suddenly you notice that your puppy is barking at you.

Within the list of reasons why a dog barks at you, one is the greeting barking. Excessive barking at you can be your puppy’s way to greet you when you enter the home.

5. Telling you something

Within the list of reasons why your puppy barks at you, the next one is about “saying something.”

Maybe your puppy is not happy with the people who entered in the house, so it just starts barking to tell you.

Moreover, there is a possibility that your dog wants to show you which is something quite interesting for it.

Maybe your puppy is a hungry this also can be one of the reason why your pup is barking at you.

You can relate this point with attention-seeking because your puppy demands your attention to take you to the garden to show something.

Due to this reason, it is highly recommended to respond when your puppy is trying to show you something because it can be something alarming for your house.

Is it normal for a puppy to growl at you?

Furthermore, keep in mind that most of the puppies love to play rough. Almost all of the games of puppies include chasing, barking along with growling, and biting.

Therefore the straightforward answer to your question is that it is normal for a puppy to growl at you.

Most of the time, pet parents interpret this behavior wrong as aggression and start training their puppy to cool down.

You will notice that it will go down whenever you play outside with your puppy and start barking at you while shaking its tail; it’s normal behavior but not aggression.

However, excessive barking can be a point of concern when you feel any evidence of pain in your puppy.

You are enjoying a fetch game with your puppy, and suddenly it sits down and starts barking excessively; it can be due to pain. 

How do you discipline a puppy?

Keep in mind that, bring a puppy home is not the end of the story; you must make it a well-behaved puppy.

After adopting a puppy, there may come a time in which the puppy starts to bark at you, and it has its reasons. 

Keep reading and know about the tips and sessions due to which you can quickly grow a well-mannered puppy.


No matter what behavior you want to teach your puppy, consistency should always be gripped firmly.

Training for barking on Tuesday but Wednesday you decide to let it go, your puppy will never learn it.

Therefore before teaching your puppy about new behavior, you must know yourself about consistency. In this way, you will get a well-behaved and disciplined puppy at your home.

Be quick in correction.

Be quick to correct your puppy when it is doing something wrong. Your puppy will never understand why it is getting punishment when you are late, even for 10 minutes after the mistake.

Therefore it is highly recommended to be quick when you are about to train your puppy about discipline.


Your no should be strict enough so your puppy will understand that it should stop that behavior now.

If you are polite while stopping your puppy from barking, there are chances that it will not know what you want from it.

Provide timeouts

Most importantly, it turns out that breaks don’t simply work for shrewd children! Devious pups can likewise gain from leaves, or “detachment.”

Breaks are best when utilized in light of practices like different annoying canines, nipping, orbiting.

How do I stop my puppy barking at me?

Don’t worry; you can stop your puppy from barking at you just by following the steps. All of these are much easy to follow by each dog parent.


To realize that, how to prepare a canine to quit yelping, break down the prevailing circumstance.

Keep yourself mindful that for what reason is or at whom your little guy is yapping. Possibly your canine is hyper at the conveyance kid or haphazardly at any individual who passes by the street.

Regardless of the explanation because of which dog is woofing, it would be best to desensitize your hide companion for animating decidedly. 

Notice the time at which individuals approach your home. Sit with your canine and sit tight for them.

When individuals show up, attempt to be agreeable with them and talk amiably, so your dog comprehends the energy.

The general cycle requests the consistency to train your canine to quit woofing. 

Utilization of Commands 

More often than not, canines comprehend the orders from their proprietor. In any case, during the time spent preparing a dog to quit yelping, the utilization of orders is referenced. 

Prevent your canine from woofing by giving any look or by the utilization of signals. Remember to command the notice of your dog while utilizing orders.

Rehash the order until your canine quits woofing. Order is an approach to occupy your canine’s consideration from the stuff on which he was woofing. 

Besides, while conveying the orders, the canine proprietor or coach ought to be quiet alongside predictable.

Also, canine treats help more in preparing your canine to quit yapping. Very and talk are the orders generally utilized while training a dog. 

Evacuation of the Offending Object 

When you see the explanation because of which your canine is aggravated and woofing like heck, address the matter.

There is a likelihood that your pooch is woofing at some squirrel in the nursery. Presently the intricacy is that you can eliminate the squirrel populace.

In any case, you can get your canine far from the visual methodology. For this, keep the entryway or windows close and keep your dog drew in with something different. 

Additionally, horns and doorbells can be the guilty parties. Consequently, orchestrate relieving music into the room with the goal that your canine won’t focus on the horns or ringers. 

Hostile to Stress Devices 

Stress can be the explanation due to which your canine is woofing.

Along these lines, utilize the restraint, which diminishes pressure in the dog just as the natural blend helps lessen the anxiety since it animates pheromones.

Lighten the Boredom 

In the appropriate response of “how to encourage a canine to quit yelping,” fatigue is incorporated.

The vast majority of the canines bark in the sensation of weariness. Attempt to invest more energy with your dog or bring new toys to lessen the tiredness.

Play the getting game with them or go for a stroll, keep it occupied.

If you are consistent enough while training your puppy, you will notice the desire results within no time.


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