Puppy Cry At Night? (11 Tips To Stop It) 2022

Puppies may go through a period of anxiety and stress as they are trying to settle down in the new home, and sometimes they starts cry at night.

Seeing your puppy crying can be a heart-wrenching condition for the dog’s parents. Dog parents are never aware of the exact reasons due to which puppy cry at night.

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Keep yourself engaged with this blog to know about the right reasons along with the solutions relating to the puppy cry at night.

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Possible Reasons Puppy Cry at Night?

Pain or any other health problem

Most commonly, when puppies are in pain, they cry. In case of noticing that your puppy is crying more often when it lays down, it can be bad news for you.

Maybe your tiny fur ball is suffering from some joint pain or other related health issues that show evidence at some particular position.

Also, there is a possibility that your puppy is facing some sort of trouble in breathing when it tries to sleep. 

Most puppies who have a severe illness are more likely to cry at night than standard puppies.

So if your puppy fits into any of the mentioned categories or in case of noticing any evidence of pain, don’t waste time and get an appointment VET.

Although crying at night can be due to benign causes, there are chances of it happening due to the sickness of your puppy.

Hence, rule out this specific possibility with an experienced Vet before diagnosing the reason for crying.

Digestive problem and Bloating

Furthermore, puppies become bloated or may get upset stomachs because of their fast and continuous eating behavior.

Bloating is one of the reasons due to which puppies cry at night. The problem takes place when you are feeding low or bad-quality food to your puppy.

Moreover, maybe your puppy is intolerant to some food ingredients, which result becomes cause of bloating and related digestive issues.

Sickness and other alignments to digestion can be a painful condition for the young puppy.

Changing the puppy food and serving it with the best quality food is going to reduce stomach pain.

Providing simple food that is rich in natural ingredients can be easy for your puppy to process.

Additionally, feeding home-cooked blends such as white rice with boil chicken can also be a good option. (Some more solutions are available in the guide)

Schedule an appointment with an experienced Vet to know the root problem which makes your puppy cry at night.


No matter what you played the whole day with your puppy, it will be bored at night, making it cry.

Keep in mind that puppies need lots and lots of stimulation; they need exercise and continuous games.

Also, if you are not free enough to spend quality time, your fur ball is going to be bored by its routine.

When every house member enjoys their sleep at night, your puppy may cry because of intense boredom.

As a dog parent, know that, puppies are highly greedy for your attention and company.

Therefore, spend about 30 minutes with your tiny furry friend before going to bed.

Lack of crate training

In case of noticing a crying puppy each night, When you left him alone in the crate for sleeping, maybe it is due to lack of training.

If your puppy is not trained in some behaviors and is not introduced to its box correctly, it will cry each night.

You can efficiently work on this condition just by enrolling your puppy in some behavioral training sessions.

Moreover, you can also hire a dog trainer for the better behavior of your puppy.

Being a puppy

It is last but not least that your puppy is crying because it is just a puppy. As a dog parent, you should know that puppies are more likely to cry at night than adult dogs because they are young and miss their mother.

Spending some time with your puppy and providing quality food, and playing some games can be a good option so that it may not miss the last shelter.

Possible solutions to stop Puppy cry at night?

Stop your puppy from crying at night by following the simple steps.

Ignore crying puppy

Suppose you react in any capacity to your canines crying. In that case, even adversely, it will just build up that habit.

Beset up to disregard your canine’s calling around evening time. You may have to move your pup and container to another piece of the house where you can’t hear him or use earplugs. 

Address issues 

Show your canine to be agreeable to a case. After allowing your pooch to out for a washroom break, it have to go to the case for bed.

Try not to convey or drag it to a point, which makes a negative affiliation. All things being equal, a reward for going to carton with a treat or a bite toy, and give commendation and friendship in case. 

Disregard crying 

Leave your canine in his case and hit the sack at the point when your canine cries; don’t shout at him or react in any capacity to his crying. Guarantee that the whole family is ready. 

React to calm 

On the off chance that you need to allow a little dog out in the center of the night for a restroom break, pick when he hushes up, not when he is crying, allowing him to out for a pee.

After mitigating himself, he returns to his carton and give it another award, consideration, and applause. Get back to bed. 


Toward the beginning of the day, please don’t allow your canine to out of his container until he hushes up.

On the off chance that he is crying, sit tight until he stops briefly before delivering him. Rehash this method for a few evenings.

Ultimately, your canine will discover that crying doesn’t bring about your consideration or delivery from the container.

Tips to stop puppy cry at Night

1. Take it out for potty.

Your little guy can hold its bladder for a short time (see what we did there?), so ensure the last thing you do around evening time is take them outside for a toilet break.

In the good ‘old days, if your fuzzy companion can hold its pee for a couple of hours, you may need to make an early-hours outing to the park every evening.

2. Proper crate training

If you never introduce the puppy with its crate, it will not be happy to sleep in it. Crying can be due to crate disliking, so Proper crate training is crucial.

Please explore our site to know about the proper crate training tips to make the process easy.

3. Providing comfort

Put the soft and warm blanket along with the toys in the crate so that your puppy will have a good sleep.

It will not cry when rest is so according to its dreamland and comfort zone.

4. Don’t give much attention.

If you are providing attention to your puppy once it starts crying, it means you are encouraging the behavior.

The puppy will interpret it wrong and will start crying when it needs your attention. Therefore, it’s recommended to ignore your puppy when it’s trying to sleep at night.

5. Regular exercise

Exercise is not just crucial for humans but also for dogs. A healthy lifestyle starts with regular exercise.

After a hectic routine, lying down on the bed will help not cry at night, and it will sleep immediately.

6. Good routine

Create a proper schedule for your puppy to be busy and trained enough to sleep at night without crying.

7. Reduce the distractions

Close the doors and windows so that your puppy will not look outside. Improper sleep and lots of distractions make the puppy cry at night.

8. Check medical and health issues.

Make sure that your puppy is not suffering from any health issues as mentioned earlier. Bloating and pain in bones can make the puppy cry at night.

9. Soothing music

Some sort of soothing music in the room will improve the mood of your puppy, and it will not cry at night. In this way, your puppy will not get separation anxiety and stress.

10. Don’t turn off all lights.

Maybe your puppy is scared of the dark, so a small light should be there when your puppy is about to sleep.

11. Don’t be strict 

Your strict nature can be the reason due to which your puppy is hurt and starts crying. Try to be calm with your puppy so that it will be comfortable at your home.


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