Puppy Goes Crazy in the evening? (Reasons and Solution) 2022

When you think that your puppy is going in his bed to settle down in the evening, boom, your pup starts jumping. Your puppy starts running here and there in the evening like a wild animal who is chasing a squirrel.

But there is no clear reason for this wild behavior of your puppy. Even, you will notice that no one is chasing behind them and similarly, there is nothing to chase.

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What happened to your pup? If you adopted a brand new puppy just some days ago and you are a new dog owner then this will be surprising for you. You may worry that why the puppy goes crazy in the evening. 

Luckily, there is nothing to worry about this behavior of your pup. Although it seems that your naughty puppy is hallucinating some imaginary playmates.

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Don’t worry, it’s just a myth that your puppy can see ghosts at night. It’s nothing like that, so don’t be afraid. However, there are multiple reasons due to which the puppy shows crazy behavior in the evening. Some Dog parents also complained , their dog start jumping during walk.. Some Dog parents also complained , their dog start jumping during walk..

Keep yourself engaged with the blog and know about the reasons and the solution for this wild behavior of your puppy.

Why my puppy goes crazy in the evening?

As a dog parent, you must know about the reasons which your puppy goes crazy in the evening. Knowing the causes or reasons will help you to get the best solution for your darling pup.

Finding something scary in the evening

One of the common reasons that why your puppy goes crazy in the evening is, maybe they are afraid of something. Maybe your puppy is noticing something which might be scaring it that you are not realizing.

In case of having a traumatic event in the evening or the dark, the pup may suffer from a nighttime phobia. Also, evening time is much quieter as compared to the daytime due to which your puppy goes crazy.

Most of the puppies are even sacred of the evening because of no noises, they interpret it as a threat.  Even, lack of vision and hearing sense in the evening also causes aggression.

Therefore, if your puppy is showing aggressive nature in the evening, you must check its hearing and vision abilities.

Serotonin abnormalities along with other cognitive impairments are also the reason for craziness in the evening.

Demanding more attention

Moving ahead in the reasons for the puppy’s crazy behavior in the evening, the next point is that it may want more attention from you.

You should be aware of the fact that dogs suffer from stress and anxiety if you are not spending maximum time with them.

Being crazy, jumping everywhere, and getting wild is their type of demanding attention.

Keep in mind that your energetic puppies love to play with you and are selfish in getting your time. Similarly, their energy level increases in the evening due to which it shows crazy behavior.

Also, your dog may show aggressive nature when he is mad due to your boring nature. All your puppy want is playing, playing, and continuous playing.

Therefore, in case of not having much energy and time to play with your puppy, bring him toys. Chewing toys, bones and some puzzle toys are going to help you and your puppy in the evening. 

Keeping him busy in the evening is the best approach to get rid of crazy behavior. Regular exercise will also help your puppy to get proper sleep without even demanding attention even you may notice after regular exercise your puppy start sleeping so much. even you may notice after regular exercise your puppy start sleeping so much..

Your puppy shows owner oriented aggression

Owner-oriented aggression can be a new term for you, also known as dominance aggression. Male dogs carry this type of aggression more than female dogs.

In this condition, your puppy is not aggressive but suffering from anxiety or fear. This fear is overshadowed and interpreted as aggression by the dog owners.

While on the other hand, your puppy can be confident enough that he is not even afraid of his owner. In this case, the reasons for the owner-directed aggression are unknown, don’t yell at your puppy.

Proper dog schooling and behavior training can be helpful in these sorts of conditions. 

How do I get my puppy to calm down at night?

When your puppy is wild at night, showing difficulty in settling down at the time of sleep then you should help him.

As mentioned above that dog is never wild without any reason, it has its reasons to defend its behavior. None of us likes to ruin the sleep hours after a hectic routine.

Therefore, pet parents should be aware of the tactics to get their puppy to calm down at night. None of us can live with such a crazy dog who is not letting us sleep after the busy routine.

So calming your puppy down is a better option as compared to changing your decision of keeping a pet.

Serve a calming treat

Offering the best type of calming treat is going to be helpful to settle down your pup at night. Just before your pup is going to bed or soon with the start of the evening, serve this treat.

The essential minerals and vitamins in the treatment will let him control his behavior and changes the aggression into sleep.

Therefore, it is highly recommended for the dog parents to select a calming and healthy dinner treat for their puppy.

Providing a secure and comfy bed to sleep

You are enjoying a comfy bed and maybe your dog is jealous of it. Don’t be unfair and bring a comfortable and soft pillow for your puppy.

There is a possibility that your dog just doesn’t like to sleep on a hard floor and he too wants your bed. Who mind spending cozy nights?

Therefore, explore the markets or approach the dog brands to get comfortable beds and pillows to calm down your pup. In this way, your puppy will crave to sleep in dreamland.

Bring his favorite cuddle toy

Do you remember how secure you felt while sleeping with your favorite teddy bear as a child? Similarly, your puppy will enjoy sleeping with a cuddling toy in his bed.

Serving your dog with a feel of safety and security is possible by purchasing a special toy. I am not mentioning any old toy to give him company.

Also, don’t bring the squeakers otherwise he will keep playing all night by forgetting to sleep. Mentioning that, the toy could be anything but not something which you used in fetch games.

It should be a toy that comes out from the basket just at the time of sleep.

Bringing calming scents

Most of the pet parents keep asking that How do I get my puppy to calm down at night? Therefore, rather than bringing medication or sleeping pills, bring some fresh scented air bubbles for him.

Smelling the soothing and calming scent is not just comfortable for humans but also for dogs. It can be the best therapy for your puppies to keep them calm in the evening.

Along with the comfy bed and cuddle toy, the scent is going to be the best combination for a perfect sleep time.

Spend quality time with your puppy

Spending time with your puppy is the best therapy above all of the mentioned. No matter how many expensive and entertaining toys you purchase for your dog, it will still demand your time.

It’s not just a calming approach for puppies but also soothing for the dog parents. Therefore, you must fetch out some time from your hectic routine to share moments with your doggo.

Moving ahead in the discussion of calming down puppy in the evening, the point is to calm down a hyper puppy.

At this point, I am not specific with some time of day but it’s the lifestyle which you should adopt as a parent.

How do you calm a hyper puppy?

Not getting into details and keeping things simple, let’s know that how do you calm a hyper puppy

Firstly, calm yourself, don’t yell at your puppy

Don’t be aggressive, maybe your puppy is feeling this hyper energy and adapting the same nature.

Never encourage the crazy and wild behavior of your dog

Show strictness when your puppy barks at silly things and starts misbehaving. It’s a way of stopping him at the very start of his bad behavior.

Appreciate the calm behavior of your dog

Similarly, showing love will be sweet of you when your dog is behaving well and following a good boy routine.

Regular exercise and Keep your puppy engaged

Socialize and exercise regularly with your puppy so it will learn something new and interesting about behavior.

After reading these points, you will realize that they are almost the same as explained above. Do practice these simple therapies to get rid of crazy dog behavior.

To wrap it up

Everything is going fine, you are enjoying a good time but suddenly your puppy starts challenging your tolerance level. By the end of the day, tolerating a wild puppy can be much stress for you.

Even, some parents change their mind to keep a pet at home because they thought it’s a constant dog nature to be crazy. But honestly, it’s not like that, they also have some reasons.

I am sure that at the end of the blog, you are aware of the causes of why a puppy goes crazy in the evening, with the possible solutions. All of the solutions are much easy to follow by the dog parents.




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