Should I Let My Golden Retriever Sleep With Me? (Explained) 2022

Every owner of a golden retriever knows how well a bond can develop between you and your adorable dog.

Golden retrievers are intelligent and are great companions, so it will be no surprise you want them next to you in bed at night.

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But should you let them sleep with you at night?

Well, it is perfectly okay to let your adult golden retriever sleep with you in bed at night, provided they would not be subject to discomfort at night. You have weighed the situations affecting such decisions and realized that it would be okay for them to do so.

When Will It Not be Okay To Let Them Sleep on Your Bed?

Certain factors may want to hinder your decision to let your golden retriever sleep with you. However, these factors are subject to certain dogs and can be a downside for some owners.

Considering some of these factors before allowing your golden retriever to share a bed with you at night is essential to both you and your dog.

Issues with your dog’s behavior, Aggressiveness, or other behavioral problems may sometimes be seen subtly in your golden retriever; this is a red flag to the idea of letting them sleep with you at night.

Talk to your vet on how to correct such behaviors before allowing them into your bed at night.

Age of your retriever; It is not a good idea to keep pups on your bed as this may be dangerous to them. Instead, please keep them in a crate next to your bed as they tend to get lonely quickly, which isn’t healthy for them.

Also, it may not be ideal for keeping your old dogs on your bed as they may have a hard time getting up there at their fragile age. Getting down quickly from the bed, if need be, may also be challenging.

Spiking you or your partner’s allergies; Most people are, in fact, allergic to dogs. However, if you or your partner is mildly allergic, it is best not to keep them on your bed as this can worsen your symptoms and make it difficult for you or your partner to function correctly.

It might be challenging to break the habit when started; When the golden retriever gets used to sleeping on a bed at night, bringing it to stop may be somewhat tricky.

What Are Some Other Places My Golden Retriever Can Sleep?

Places of sleeping for golden retrievers

If certain conditions cannot be met and you do not think your golden retriever will sleep with you at night, they are certainly other options where they can sleep through the night.

Golden retrievers can be comfortable at different locations in your home. It is still okay if you do not want them in your bed at night, provided they have somewhere safe and warm prepared for them.

One crucial factor is to know your dog. Some may be pretty okay sleeping on the living room couch with a warm blanket, or some prefer crates.

It is also essential to take account of their age or personality. As stated earlier, golden retriever pups need more attention. It is, therefore, better to have them sleep in your room in a crate.

When they grow older, they can sleep next to you on the floor with spread blankets to keep them warm, or you can get your golden retriever a dog bed which can be placed in another room or your bedroom if you wish.

Places of sleeping for golden retrievers

Golden retrievers can also be comfortable on beanie beds, sofas, or anything comfortable for them. If your golden retriever has difficulty sleeping, try a warm bed and increase the exercise activity during the day. Ensure to visit the vet if it is getting too serious.

What Are the Advantages of Allowing My Dog Sleep on My Bed?

Sleeping with Golden Retrievers

You probably have decided to let your golden retriever sleep on your bed, but you want to know the impact this will have.

Studies have shown that there are many benefits associated with the act, not just for your golden retriever but for you – the owner as well.

Your golden retriever will less likely develop separation anxiety; Separation anxiety is common in some dogs; however, it is unclear why this happens. Studies have shown it may be an emotional response to a traumatic experience in the past.

When your golden retriever spends adequate fun time with you and the experience of being close to you most of the time, including during bedtime, they would less likely develop separation anxiety because of the feeling of being with them most times.

Bonding and companionship: The golden retrievers are attention seekers; they were bred to accompany their owners in the past.

Therefore, it is no surprise that this trait has been passed to newer generations of retrievers. Sleeping with them in bed at night is a great way to ensure companionship and improve bonding.

Sleeping with Golden Retrievers

Preventing fright and ensuring their warmth and safety; Most dogs are scared of thunderclaps and lightning flashes, and your golden retriever may be no different.

However, when your lovely dog sleeps with you at night, it gives them the feeling of safety and extra warmth.

Also, most retrievers are heavy sleepers; they tend to sleep upwards of 10 hours a day and will most likely not move around a lot during the night.

Hence they will not disrupt your sleeping and prevent you from getting a good night’s rest. Instead, all they give you is warmth, preventing them from anxiety, and in the long run, bettering both your health and your golden retriever.


Having your golden retriever share a bed with you at night is fine, provided that every condition necessary to keep you and your dog safe is met.

The added benefits of sleeping with your retriever at night outrightly outweigh the cons, and as such, it is advised most times that if you see that as something you want to do, then it is safe.

It is also okay to keep your retrievers in other places where they can be safe and warm at night if you do not want them to be in bed with you at night.


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