Breed Info

Trying to figure out what are the best dog breeds? Here we will give you a rundown of each of the breeds. So you can find all the breed info you need to figure out which breed is the right choice for you.

This will be an ongoing work in progress area of the doggy lovin’ site. As there are tons of different dog breeds out there. And we want to give in-depth info for as many as we can.

We will first start with the ones that make our best-of lists then work out from there to some of the most popular breeds.

If you are looking for dog breed info that we have not covered yet, just let us know. We will try and get it published asap. You can contact us through email, social media, or simply comment on a post.

That way it will help you answer the question What Dog Should I Get? Because selecting the right breed is one of the most important things to figure out when considering getting a dog. Selecting the wrong dog breed can be both a disaster for not only you but for the dog too. Not trying to stir you away from getting a dog just trying to stress how important it is to get the right breed.

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