Dehydrated Treats

If you are looking for some of the easiest dog treats to make then dehydrated treats are right for you!

In most of the recipes, you simply need to slice the food super then, place it on the dehydrated tray and cook on a set temp for a set amount of time.

You do sometimes have added extra flavorings you can add to the recipe too. That will give it just that added extra flavor.

While most people use a food dehydrator to make these recipes, they can also be made in other ways.

Such as using an air fryer on a dehydrate function or you can also simply make them in the oven on a really low temperature.

Not only is making Dehydrated Treats easy, but dogs also go crazy for them too. Plus some recipes are good for dogs or people snacks and treats! I myself love our peanut butter banana chips!

Another great thing about this type of treat is that it lasts longer than most other treats. That is because the moister is removed from the treat. And the moister is normally where things like mold like to grow. So by removing it we get a longer shelf life.

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