How To Teach A Golden Retriever To Swim? (Explained) 2022

Although Golden Retrievers love swimming, they do not naturally know how to swim.

Here are a few tips on how to train a Golden Retriever to swim; start small, participate, keep your dog safe, rest between intervals, and constant practice.

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What makes Golden Retrievers good swimmers?

Golden Retrievers were once taught to make great swimmers. They were bred for hunting for small prey on land and fish in streams. As a result, this dog has features that naturally make it a good swimmer.

What makes Golden Retrievers good swimmers? They have webbed feet, are very active, have many furs, and are intelligent.

#1. Webbed feet:

Just like ducks, Golden Retrievers have webbed feet. This feature enables them to create a larger surface area to step on while swimming.

It’s easier to swim when you can quickly push through the water. In addition, the webbed feet make swimming less stressful for Golden Retrievers.

#2. Very active:

Active Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers have a high energy level. They are very active. This makes them great swimmers because they will not be quickly tired out.

Golden Retrievers are very active and do a lot of exercises. This keeps them fit and enables flexibility while swimming.

Swimming requires a lot of energy for strokes and involves a lot of movements. Golden Retrievers fit into this role perfectly.

#3. Many furs:

Many Furs golden retrievers

Golden Retrievers have a thick coat made up of long hair that is also thick. It serves as an insulator to keep the dog warm while it swims.

If the Golden Retriever gets too cold, it will begin to have some health complications that affect its normal functions. To assist your dog, you can swaddle it in a thick cloth after a swim.

#4. Intelligence:

Intelligence golden retrievers

Golden Retrievers are very intelligent. They are fast learners and very easy to train. Teaching a Golden Retriever how to swim will be little or no stress.

Also, Golden Retrievers are intelligent and can easily maneuver their way in the water. This is why they make great swimmers.

Golden Retrievers don’t necessarily wait to be told when they know what to do.

When should you start training a Golden Retriever to swim?

Golden Retrievers are fun to train. Teaching a Golden Retriever, young and old, to swim is a fun experience for the dog and you, the dog owner.

When should you start training a Golden Retriever to swim?

Golden Retrievers can be taught to swim at any age because they are intelligent and fast learners, but it is best to train a Golden Retriever to swim when it is a young puppy.

However, Golden Retrievers should not be taught to swim when they are old. Swimming is a strenuous activity and will stress them out, leading to illness.

When Golden Retrievers are young, they have enough energy and are open to any new adventure.

It is better to train a Golden Retriever to swim when it is young because the training sticks better in their memory.

When you’re ready to start training your Golden Retriever to swim, here’s how to do it:

#1. Start small:

Start small Golden retrievers

When you are teaching your Golden Retriever to swim, start small. Start with play pools or start at the shallow part of the ocean if you’re at the beach.

That way, your dog won’t be scared at its first attempt. A large body of water will frighten or discourage your dog.

When your dog is well acquainted with the small body of water, you can introduce it to larger bodies.

Don’t ever throw your dog or force it into the water on its first swimming trial. Instead, allow the dog to feel comfortable around the environment before letting it get inside.

#2. Participate:

Join your dog in the water. Encourage it. Get in yourself if the Golden Retriever is too scared to get in. Move-in, the water, show the dog that the water is safe and enjoyable.

When a Golden Retriever sees that you like the water, it will also want to get in and join you.

So don’t just stand afar and watch your dog. Get in! Make it fun. That’s the only way your dog will desire to swim.

#3. Keep your dog safe:

While having fun and training your dog, remember to stay safe. Don’t leave your dog alone for too long.

Ensure that your dog has a life coat on and a safety leash so that it won’t drown or drift too far.

#4. Rest between intervals:

Don’t stress your Golden Retriever while teaching it to swim. There should be time to rest. If your dog swims and plays too long at the beach, it will tire itself out and get a heat stroke.

Dogs like a Golden Retriever are always excited. These dogs play so much that they may not even know when tired.

It’s your responsibility as the dog owner to notice when your dog is tired and give it a time out. Let it rest, rub it, swaddle it to warm it up.

That way, your dog has enough playtime and enough resting time while learning how to swim.

You don’t want to tire your dog out so that it doesn’t get the chance to swim again, do you?

#5. Constant practice:

Don’t teach your dog to swim once in a long while. Teach it as often as possible. Practice makes perfect.

Make sure your dog doesn’t forget the training. To not forget the training, one has to practice swimming very often.


It is straightforward to train a Golden Retriever to swim. Golden Retrievers love swimming.

When you train your Golden Retriever to swim, always take precautions. Wear the proper clothing for your dog and yourself.

It is not compulsory to train your Golden Retriever to swim, but it is an excellent addition to their abilities.

Also, you wouldn’t want to leave your dog at home, with a relative, or at home for dogs while you’re out having fun at the beach or the pool.

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