Top 5 Smallest Deer In Uk (With Pictures)

1. Water Deer

Water Deer
Water Deer

Water deer are native to the lower reaches of the Yangtze Rds, vegetables, beets, and various plants. They also eat beets, reeds, and other vegetation. Waiver, coastal Jiangsu province, and the islands within Zhejiang from east-central China and Korea in the demilitarized zone provide an area of protection for large numbers of.

Deer that eat grasses are coarse, such as reeter Deer (Hydropotes inermis) is a tiny Asian deer with a height of … 2’6″-3’4″ (76-102 centimeter range) with a weight between 20-30 lbs (9-14 kilograms). Water deer as old as 11 years old have been observed in the wild. Except for mating during rutting, Water deer are solitary animals, and males tend to be very territorial.

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2. Pudu


Two species are pudus, a South American deer from the genus Pudu, the smallest deer in the world. Pudu is herbivores which means they don’t eat meat, and they consume bamboo shoots, leaves, grass leaves, nuts, and other plants within their reach.

The Pudu can reach a maximum size of 13-17 inches (32 to 44cm) at the shoulder and as high as 33 in (85cm) long. Pudus are 33 to 44 centimeters (13 to 17 inches) tall and can be up to 85 centimeters (33 inches) long.

3. Indian Muntjac

Indian Muntjac
Indian Muntjac

The Indian muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak) is, also known as”the southern red muntjac” or the barking deer, is one of the species native of South as well as Southeast Asia. This tiny deer prefers to be in a forest of its own and thick vegetation. It’s a small, brown deer with antlers that are branched and longer noses, unlike other species of deer.

The weight ranges from 15.9 to 34 kilograms (35 to 75 pounds.) The length of the body of muntjacs ranges between 89-133 cm (35-53 in), and their height is between 40 and 65 centimeters (16-26 inches).

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4. Truong Son Muntjac

Truong Son Muntjac
Truong Son Muntjac

Truong Son muntjac Truong Son muntjac, also known as the Annamite muntjac (Muntiacus truongsonensis) is a muntjac deer species. It was first discovered at the Truong Son mountain range in Vietnam in 1997.

The diet of the muntjac species comprises grasses, low-growing leaves, and tender, weak shoots. It is among the most compact species of muntjac, at around 15 kilograms (33 lbs).

5. Pygmy Brocket Deer

Pygmy Brocket DeerPygmy Brocket Deer

The pygmy-brocket is a deer species that brockets found in South America. It is located in the southern part of Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay. Red brockets prefer to eat a frugivore diet whenever possible. If fruits are challenging to identify and unable to find, they typically eat a leaf-based diet.

Being tiny and nocturnal, Mazama animals are often shy and thus are seldom seen. The red brocket is challenging to find in the wild due to the nature they inhabit and their natural fear and shyness, because of which they stay away from predators.

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