Top 9 Beautiful Reptiles In The World (With Pictures)

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9 World’s Beautiful Reptiles

Top 9 Beautiful Reptiles In The World, 9 World's Beautiful Reptiles

1. Madagascar Panther Chameleons


About Madagascar Panther Chameleons Appearance

 Madagascar Panther Chameleon is a species of chameleon usually seen in the northern and eastern regions of Madagascar. They can have a maximum length of 7.9 inches but are usually 6.7 inches long. Females are generally smaller and almost half the size of males, and males appear to be more vibrant and colorful than females.

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 The colors may vary depending upon their geographical location. Some may be blue, while others may appear green or orange. Their feet look like tongs, with the five toes being fused into two or three groups. They have the most distinctive eyes, which function as a gun turret. They have perfect eyesight, making them view their prey from a very long distance.

 How Much Is A Panther Chameleon Worth?

 Panther Chameleon can be an excellent choice for many hobbyists because of its vibrant colors and popularity. However, they are not easy to care for and may not be a good option for beginners as these chameleons find it challenging to live in captivity. Most of them usually cost around $120-$650, depending upon the coloration and popularity of the breeder.

2. Green Mamba


About Green Mamba Appearance

 The eastern green mamba is a highly venomous snake found in coastal areas of southern parts of East Africa. They have green-yellow scales with a greenish back and have a slender appearance. Males are a bit smaller than females, with females reaching a maximum length of 2 meters.

 They have long tails and have a belly with a yellowish-green appearance. They have slender and long heads which almost look like coffins. Their eyes are medium-sized with round pupils and olive green irises. The inner part of their mouth is white. They can also flatten their neck into a hood upon being instigated.

 How Much Is A Green Mamba Worth?

 Green Mambas are highly venomous and aggressive snakes, and they can also be life-threatening to many humans. However, their venom is precious and is usually sold at a minimum of $150 per gram internationally. These venoms can be used to produce highly effective antivenoms.

3. The African Bush Viper

the african bush viper
the African bush viper

About African Bush Viper Appearance

 Bush Vipers, also known as Atheris, are primarily found in tropical regions of sub-Saharan Africa, which excludes the southern parts of Africa. They are small-sized vipers, and most of the adults can grow up to a maximum length of 22 inches.

 Their heads are broad and triangular and are separated from their neck, and their crown is surrounded by smooth scales and has more enormous eyes. Their bodies are a bit compressed and slender, and they have overlapping and keeled dorsal scales. They usually appear greenish, but some may have other color variations like orange, blue, brown, and gray. They are also capable of changing their colors throughout their lives.

 Can You Have A Bush Viper As A Pet?

 The Bush Vipers are not usually kept as pets because they are highly venomous and unpredictable. However, many experienced pet owners may choose to keep them as pets because of their fascinating color variations. They can be life-threatening in most cases, and their antivenom would be very expensive to afford.

4. The Golden Lancehead Viper

the golden lancehead viper
the golden lancehead viper

About Golden Lancehead Viper Appearance

 Golden Lancehead ( Bothrops insularis) is a highly venomous species of vipers, and it is mainly found in Brazil. On average, they can grow up to a maximum size of 35 to 46 inches. They usually have a yellowish-brown base color with some triangular dorsal blotches. This yellowish-brown color can become dark because of improper circulation when held captive.

 Their bellies have pale yellow coloration. They have a relatively long tail and a somewhat elongated head. Their heads are distinct from other snakes and hence are called “Lancehead. ” Also, the head does not have any well-defined stripe. Their longer tail helps them climb the trees and catch larger birds.

 How Much Is A Golden Lancehead Viper Worth?

 The Golden Lancehead Vipers are known to be one of the most venomous snakes globally. The venom of their bite can kill a human within an hour. These snakes are so vicious that they can even melt human flesh instantly. A single Golden Lancehead Viper can be sold at a price ranging from $11000 to $32000.

5. Rainbow Boa

About Rainbow Boa Appearance

 Rainbow boa, also known as the slender boa, is usually found in South America and Central America. It is mainly famous for its structural holographic coloration. The tiny ridges on their scales refract light and create a rainbow-like effect. These rainbow boas are mostly brownish or reddish-brown in appearance and have black stripes on their heads.

 They have black lateral botches with an orange-colored crescent, and they may have different color variations depending upon the species. Their heads are a bit wider and have circular, medium-sized bodies. Most of these snakes can grow up to a maximum length of 1.8 meters.

 Why Are Rainbow Boas Endangered?

 Rainbow Boas are extremely popular because of their iridescent skin, which almost creates a rainbow-like effect through the refraction of light. Because of their higher demand and excessive collection in the pet trade and the destruction of the rainforest for agriculture and other purposes, their population is constantly decreasing, making them endangered.

6. Jewel Lizard

jewel lizard
jewel lizard

About Jewel Lizard Appearance

 The jeweled lizard (also known as an ocellated lizard) is a famous and one of the largest species of the lizard family Lacertidae. It is most commonly found in southwestern parts of Europe. Most of them can grow up to a length of 60cm, and some of them can also reach a maximum height of 90cm.

 The males usually have broader heads than the females. These lizards have serrated collars and have a greenish or brownish base color. Males are more brightly-colored, and their legs are usually strong with slightly curved claws. The young ones look more greenish with black spots all over the body.

7. Chameleons


About Chameleons Appearance

 Chameleons are highly distinctive species of Old World Lizards and have more than 200 species. Different species have different colorations, and many of them can also change their colors. The more giant chameleons have prehensile tails, and you can notice the horns on their brow. The chameleons also have zygodactylous feet.

 The eyes of the chameleons can also move independently and are also good at focusing on their prey. Their teeth can be seen attached to the very edge of their jaw. Their tongues are long, and their glands can produce harmless venom traces. These chameleons can attain a maximum size of up to 27 inches.


Why Chameleons Change Color?

 Many people believe that chameleons change their colors to adapt to their surroundings. Well, this is far from the truth. They mainly change their colors to regulate their body temperatures and to communicate with other chameleons. Chameleons usually become pale to release and reflect the heat, and colder chameleons turn darker to absorb more heat.

8. Serrated Tortoise


About Serrated Tortoise Appearance

 The Serrated Tortoise (also called the Kalahari Tent Tortoise) is a tortoise species primarily found in the Kalahari desert areas of Africa. They are usually small and can only grow up to 15 cm. You will also notice a serrated, low-domed shell with star-like black patterns over a tan-colored base. The males are taller and have longer tails than the females. The nuchal chute of their body is extensive.

9.Sea Turtles


About Sea Turtles Appearance

 Sea Turtles (also called Marine Turtles) are reptiles having seven different species. In all these species, males and females have no difference in size, and their streamlined body helps them swim more swiftly in the water.

The leatherback sea turtles are the largest among the seven species and can measure up to 9 feet in length. Other species can grow up to a maximum height of 4 feet. Their skulls are mainly enclosed in bone. Green sea turtles and Loggerhead have shell lengths of up to 4 feet. Loggerhead also has the most prominent head and powerful jaws, which helps them destroy the shells of many mollusks.

 Why Are Sea Turtles Endangered?

 Most species of sea turtles are considered to be endangered. Most of these turtles are killed for their meat, shells, skin, and eggs. They also face survival threats due to poaching and exploitation. Many of these turtles often get accidentally captured while fishing. Habitat destruction is another issue that poses a threat to their existence.

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