Top 9 Most Common Birds In The Uk (With Pictures)

9 Uk’s Most Common Birds

Here, we’ve done extensive research and gathered the Top 9 Most Common Birds In The Uk through many sources. Let’s Take A Look

1. House Sparrow

Common Birds In The Uk, House Sparrow
House Sparrow

The House Sparrow is a species belonging to the family of sparrows Passeridae which is present in the majority of regions of the globe. It is a tiny bird that has a length of 16 centimeters and a weight that ranges from 24-39.5 g.

The home sparrow’s size is generally 16 centimeters long, and varies between 14 and 18 centimeters. House sparrows are a tiny bird with a fully-filled chest and a huge head that is rounded and rounded. 

The bill is strong and conical, with a culmen measurement of 1.1-1.5 cm. Its body is strong and designed to be a morphological adaptation for eating seeds. The tail is small, at 5.2-6.5 centimeters long. The house sparrow first appeared within The Middle East and spread, as did agriculture, to the majority of Eurasia and portions in North Africa.

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2. Blue TlT

Blue Tit
Blue TlT

It is the Eurasian blue, also known as the blue-TlT bird is small , passerine bird belonging to the TlT family of Paridae. It can be easily identified due to its yellow and blue plumage, and its small dimensions.

The Eurasian blue’s size is typically 12 centimeters long, with an 18-cm wingspan for both genders and weighs approximately 11 grams. It is currently estimated to have 20-44 million pairs across Europe. 

It is believed that the Eurasian blue as well as the associated hybrids are considered to be native species on the European continent that have a predominantly temperate or Mediterranean climate, as well as in areas in the Middle East. Eurasian great and blue’S are diverse winter flocks and the latter is among one of the best gymnasts among the twigs that are slender. 

This Eurasian blue can be a powerful insect killer, but it prefers buds that are young in various species, especially in the times when insects are limited, and can cause them to fall apart in the hopes of locating insects.

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3. Starling


Starlings are small – to medium-sized passerines birds belonging to the family of Sturnidae. Their name “Sturnidae” originates in the Latin word that means the starling Sturnus. Starlings are passerines of medium size. 

The species with the most body-length is the Kenrick’s starling at 15 cm. The most light-weight species is Abbott’s Starling with 34 grams. Based on measurements that are standard and possibly weight, the biggest starling is the Nia’s hill myna. 

Starlings are found in a variety of habitats, from their home in the Arctic Circle to the Equator. The one habitat they don’t normally inhabit is the driest sandy deserts. Insects and fruits are the most common items in the diet of starlings.

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4. Blackbird


A common blackbird a type from the true thrush. It is also known as Eurasian blackbird or simply the blackbird. This doesn’t cause confusion with the local species. The common blackbird from the subspecies known as T. M. Merula measures 23.5-29 cm long, is long in the tail, and weighs between 80 and 125 grams.

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5. Woodpigeon


The wood pigeon of the standard is a big species belonging to the pigeon and dove family indigenous within the Western Palearctic. Three species of Western European Columba pigeons, common wood pigeon, stock dove and the rock dove, although superficially alike, each has distinct characteristics.

The common wood pigeon can be immediately identified by its size, which is 38-44.5 cm and weighing 300-615 grams, as well as the white neck and wings. In the more cold northern and eastern regions of Europe and the western part of Asia this common wood pigeon can be seen as a migration bird. 

It is nevertheless an abundant and large-scale resident of western and southern Europe. Its diet is mostly vegetables, including fleshy and round leaves of Caryophyllaceae, Asteraceae, and cruciferous plants cultivated from open fields, gardens and lawns.

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6. Robin


The European Robin, commonly referred to as robin or redbreast within Great Britain, is a small , insectivorous bird of the passerine family that is part of the chat family that is part of the Old World flycatcher family. 

The robin can be found from Eurasia east from Western Siberia, south to Algeria and in the Atlantic islands from the west to and as far west as the Central Group of the Azores and Madeira. The robin’s frequency is constant but it is said to be active and hunter of insects during moonlit nights or in the vicinity of artificial light at the night.

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7. Great TlT

Great Tit
Great TlT

Great TlT is passerines that belongs to the family known as Paridae. It is a common species across Europe and it is found in Middle East, Central Asia and the east of the Palearctic towards it’s home on the Amur River, south to areas in North Africa where it is typically found in all kinds of woodland.

The majority of the great TlT don’t migrate to extreme winter conditions. The best TlT is huge for a TlT that measures 12.5 to 14.0 centimeters in length. It is distinctive in appearance and is easy to identify.

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8. Goldfinch


The European goldfinch, or the goldfinch is a tiny passerine bird of the finch family that is native to Europe, North Africa, as well as western as well as central Asia. 

The typical European goldfinch is 12-13cm long, with an wingspan of 21-25cm and an estimated weight of 14 to 19 grams. It is the European goldfinch is indigenous to Europe, North Africa, and also western as well as central Asia.

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9. Magpie


Magpies are birds belonging to the Corvidae family. Similar to other family members they are considered to be intelligent animals. However, the birds known as magpies in Australia aren’t the same as those in the rest of the world.


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