Top 9 Most Expensive Fish In The World (With Pictures)

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9 World’s Expensive Fishes

Top 9 Most Expensive Fish In The World, 9 world's expensive fishes
9 world’s expensive fishes

1. Platinum Arowana ($430,000) The Most Expensive Fish In The World 

platinum arowana ($430,000) the most expensive fish in the world 
Platinum Arowana ($430,000) the most expensive fish in the world 

About Platinum Arowana

Platinum Arowana (also called Silver Platinum Arowana) are very aggressive fishes found in tropical freshwaters in Southeast Asian regions. Because of their aggressive nature, they must be placed in concrete fish tanks. They are long and bony in appearance and are extremely quick at hunting their prey. They usually eat small fish and animals floating on the water’s surface.

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Why Is Platinum Arowana So Expensive?

The Platinum Arowana fish can cost you anywhere around half a million dollars. They are so costly because they are trendy and highly demanding, and they are already on the list of endangered species. Platinum Arowana fish is also considered a symbol of prosperity and fortune.

2. Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray ($100,000)

freshwater polka dot stingray ($100,000)
freshwater polka dot stingray ($100,000)

About Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray

Freshwater Polka-Dot Stingray, also known as Xingu River Stingray or White-Blotched River Stingray, is a freshwater fish commonly found in the Xingu River of Brazil. They have a smooth, oval-shaped body with white dots over the black background. They are pretty evil, and their toxicity reduces with old age. They are rare to find and often get threatened due to an increase in their loss of habitat.

Why Are Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray So Expensive?

Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray is considered one of the most expensive freshwater stingrays in the world. One of these was sold at a whopping cost of around a hundred thousand dollars as it had a unique head mutated genetically. That stingray had a unique U-shaped look other than the everyday round-shaped look, making it more demanding and expensive.

3. Peppermint Angelfish ($30,000)

peppermint angelfish ($30,000)
peppermint angelfish ($30,000)

About Peppermint Angelfish

The Peppermint Angelfish is a smaller species of ray-finned marine fish mainly found in the central parts of the Pacific Ocean. These are brightly colored angelfish and are often referred to as the Holy Grail in the pet fish industry. They are tough to catch and are found at depths of 300 to 400 meters.

Why Are Peppermint Angelfish So Expensive?

Peppermint Angelfish is famous for its bright-colored appearance and is usually smaller than the other big angelfish species. Their bodies have white vertical stripes over a red or orange base. Because of their rarity and high demand, they can be pretty expensive, with prices going above $30000 in some cases.

4. Masked Angelfish – ($30,000)

masked angelfish – ($30,000)
masked angelfish – ($30,000)

About Masked Angelfish

Masked Angelfish is a unique species of ray-finned angelfish and is endemic to the islands of Hawaii. They are usually found very deep at the very edge of diving limits. They are stunning and have a gorgeous marble-white colored body, with a black-colored head. After reaching a certain length ( 6 to 8 inches), they can also change their sex to males.

Why Is Masked Angelfish So Expensive?

The Masked Angelfish has a stunning appearance with a marble-white body and black patches over the head. They are primarily found in islands of Hawaii, where catching aquarium fish is not allowed. Because of their high demand, elegant looks, and rare availability, they are pretty expensive and can easily cost you around $20000-$25000.

They can only be found in the depths of diving edges, and when you attempt to catch them, they would need some special equipment for their survival. This means you need to spend more money on the equipment. Commercial fishing is strictly prohibited in Hawaii, which further elevates their demand and hence their cost.

5. Bladefin Basslet – ($10,000)

bladefin basslet – ($10,000)
bladefin basslet – ($10,000)

About Bladefin Basslet

Bladen Basslet is considered one of the rarest freshwater fish species in the world. They have an elongated, stark red and white-colored body with more enormous eyes, with the lower jaw projecting a little outward. They can have a maximum length of up to 3 inches and are mainly found very deep (almost 500 meters deep), which is why they are complicated to catch.

Why Are Bladefin Basslet So Expensive?

The Bladen Basslet is considered one of the most costly freshwater fish globally, and they may be sold at a price of up to ten thousand dollars. The reason behind this cost is the incredible depth (of about 500 meters) at which they are usually found, which makes catching them quite tricky and risky.

6. Golden Basslet ($8000)

Golden Basslet ($8000)
Golden Basslet ($8000)

About Golden Basslet

Golden Basslet is one of the most beautiful and cutest fish you will ever find. They usually have a honeycomb pattern all over their body, which can even be noticed from a long distance. They are located at an extreme depth of 400 to 800 feet, making catching them very difficult. They have a life span of up to 8 years.

Why Are Golden Basslet So Expensive?

Golden Basslet is one of the rarest and the most stunning freshwater fish. They are mainly found at an unbelievable depth of 500 to 800 feet. This means getting them safely to the water’s surface becomes highly challenging and requires some unique decompression methods. This is why they are so expensive.

7. Australian Flathead Perch ($5000)

australian flathead perch ($5000)
australian flathead perch ($5000)

About Australian Flathead Perch

The Australian Flathead Perch ( Rainfordia opercularis) is one of the rarest species of fish you will ever find. They look lovely and have a bright-colored appearance, with orange stripes all over their body. Their dorsal fin spines are yellowish, and they have a wide mouth. They can attain a maximum length of up to 6 inches.

Why Are Australian Flathead Perch So Expensive?

Australian Flathead Perch is one of the rarest fish you can find in the world. Because of its rare and unusual looks, it is often called Rainford. These fishes are rarely seen in the depths of Australian reefs, and because it is so rare, its cost is on the higher side ( may cost you up to $5000).

8. Wrought Iron Butterflyfish ($2,700)

wrought iron butterflyfish ($2,700)
wrought iron butterflyfish ($2,700)

About Wrought Iron Butterflyfish

Wrought Iron Butterflyfish is one of the most attractive fishes found within the aquarium hobby. They are primarily found in western parts of the Pacific Ocean, near Japan. They have a beautiful metallic appearance and many attractive patterns around their bodies. They can grow up to a maximum length of 7 inches.

Why Are Wrought Iron Butterflyfish So Expensive?

Wrought Iron Butterflyfish are extraordinarily stunning and have a beautiful, metallic appearance. They are usually found in the western parts of the Pacific Ocean near Japan. Because of their gorgeous appearance and unusual schooling behavior, they are pretty costly, with a total price reaching $3000.

9. Clarion Angelfish ($2,500)

clarion angelfish ($2,500)
clarion angelfish ($2,500)

About Clarion Angelfish

Clarion Angelfish (Holacanthus Clarionensis) is also a species of ray-finned marine fish and is mainly found in the eastern parts of the Pacific Ocean. They have vibrant orange color on their bodies and have smaller mouths. You may also see one or two blue bars on their heads, which gradually disappears as their size increases. They can attain a maximum length of up to 7.9 inches.

Why Are Clarion Angelfish So Expensive?

The Clarion Angelfish is one of the most demanding and beautiful freshwater fishes globally. They have recently been declared vulnerable by the IUCN, which means a special permit would be needed to export or import them. Because of the increase in their demand and requirement of receipts and paperwork, they are pretty expensive and can cost up to $7000.

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