Top 9 Most Populated Bird In The World (With Pictures)

1. The Domestic Chicken 22.67 Billion

Chickens domesticated Gallus gallus domesticus have an important part in human society. Domestic chickens differ in appearance and look from breed to breed, yet they have several common characteristics, like the squat-like appearance.

Chickens are omnivores and eat various vegetables, fruits, grains, and even food scraps. They are less than 70cm in height and weigh 2.6 kg on average.

Their home is typically an industrial farm. Chickens are attracted to bamboo forests, rainforests, and areas with shrubs and forest edges and tall grass as their place to call home.

2. Quelea Red-Billed 1.5 Billion

The red-billed quelea, often referred to by the red-billed weaver or dioch with the red-billed bill, is tiny. The red-billed quelea is a small weaver bird native in sub-Saharan Africa and is well-known for its attack on small-grain crops in Africa.

They feed on ripe sorghum and barley, wheat, sunflowers, rice, and corn. The red-billed quelea is a tiny sparrow-like bird, and they measure 12 cm in length and weigh 15 to 26 grams. The red-billed quelea can be typically located in subtropical and tropical regions with a semi-arid seasonal climate.

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3. Mourning Dove – 475 Million

Doves that mourn are part of the dove species, Columbidae. The mourning doves are pale brown and gray and usually have a muted hue. They consume the diet of a mourning dove that includes cultivated grains, including peanuts, wild grasses, weeds and plants.

The mourning dove can be described as a medium-sized, slender dove and about 31 centimeters in length. They are found in farmland, forest clearings, prairies, suburban areas, deserts.

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4. American Robin – 310 Million

The American Robin is a migratory songbird that belongs to the true genius of thrush and Turdidae, The broader family of thrushes. American Robins look like gray-brown birds with warm, orange-colored underparts and dark heads.

American Robins feed on an assortment of earthworms, fruits, berries and other insects like caterpillars, beetle grubs and grasshoppers. Robins measure 9-11 inches long and have a wingspan of 14 3/4 to 16 1/2 inches. American Robins are found in suburban backyards, woodlands, grasslands and parks.

5. Common Pheasant – 160 million to 219 Million

Common pheasants are, also known as ring-necked pheasants, are indigenous to China in China and East Asia. Pheasants look gaudy, sporting red faces and an iridescent neck adorned with striking white rings.

They are winter birds and consume most of the grains, seeds, roots and fruits and occasionally insects, fresh green shoots, earthworms, spiders and snails. Male ring-necked birds weigh between around 2-3 pounds. Common pheasants live in grassland and farmland habitats.

6. Red-Winged Blackbird – 210 Million

The blackbird with red wings is one of the passerine birds from the family of Icteridae, which is widespread across North America and much of Central America. Males are spotted with yellow and scarlet shoulder patches, which can puff up or conceal depending on how confident they are.

Red-winged Blackbirds are likely to visit your yard to feed on seeds and mixed grains, especially in the time of the migration. The red-winged blackbirds can reach nine inches and have wingspans between 12 and 16 inches. Red-winged Blackbirds are found in freshwater marshes along watercourses, the golf course’s water hazards.

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7. Chipping Sparrow – 200 Million

Chipping sparrows are one of the species in the New World sparrow, a passerine bird of the family of Passerellidae. They are Pale blue-white tones, lightly streaked or spotted brown, black or even purplish.

They don’t consume sunflower seeds; however, they particularly like millet white and red. They have a medium-sized bill, which is quite small for the size of a sparrow. Chipping sparrows are common in an array of woodland habitats.

8. Common Starling – 100 Million to 199 Million

The common starling, also known as the European starling, is sometimes referred to simply as the starling of Great Britain and Ireland. At a distance, starlings look black. In summer, they’re bright yellow with a purplish-green iridescence.

Common starlings are mostly insectivorous and eat arthropods as well as other pests. Starlings measure 19cm in length and possess rather long bills. Starlings are native to Europe and also in areas of Asia and Africa.

9. Common Swift – 95 to 164 Million

Common swifts are medium-sized birds that are superficially like the barn swallow or the house martin but slightly larger. It is dark brown throughout it and is often black against the sky with a light, small spot of white on the throat.

They are attracted by flying insects like moths, flies, and beetles and consume spiders. Common swifts are 16-17cm long and have wingspans of 38-40 centimeters—swifts nest in crags, caves, sea cliffs, hollow trees and nesting holes created by other birds.

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