At What Age Do German Shepherds Start Guarding? (Explained) 2022

Guarding is the parallel term used for German Shepherds because of their aggressive looks.

German shepherds carry a loyal and protective reputation with eagle sharp eyes. You will not deny that German Shepherds include themselves into the perfect breeds for guarding.

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Even most of the parents adopt the breed with a guarding expectation. So they want to know the proper age when their German Shepherd will be mature enough to guard their home.

At what age do German Shepherds start guarding? German Shepherd becomes able to guard homes and parents at the age of six months old. Once they are in their adolescence, you can train your GSD all about guarding. Six months is the age when a puppy thoroughly knows about the edges of its home, so it’s the right time for it to learn guarding. However, it may take 18 to 24 months for a Germanshepherd to guard fully.

For dog parents, it’s essential to consider that your German Shepherd is not going to develop a guarding knack in a while, but it will take some time.

Once your darling German Shepherd is out of its puppyhood and lets it face some intruder, then you will know about its guarding skills.

Furthermore, there are some other several points to discuss when it’s about German Shepherd’s guarding.

Are German shepherds naturally protective?

The German Shepherd’s giant body and big structure force us to analyze German shepherds naturally protective?

Also, you noticed that your tiny Shepherd is barking and getting aggressive over the strangers, guarding is in its blood.

Shepherd’s parents must consider themselves lucky because the German shepherds are naturally protective.

As mentioned above, German shepherds are pretty aggressive towards the intruders and strangers who try to enter their homes.

You will find them selfless in such a way that they don’t even care for their lives when it’s about protecting their parents.

Even most of the parents never train their German Shepherds for guarding because they are guards by birth.

Moreover, the chasing nature of the German shepherd aid more in their guarding instinct. Along with this, a German shepherd’s protective nature and guarding behavior depends on how you treat your pup.

If you treat your dog in the best way, it means you are raising a guarding and protective pup. While on the other hand, if you are not treating it properly and making it a couch pooch.

Will my GermanShepherd protect me without training?

At what age do German shepherds start guarding?,Are German shepherds naturally protective?,Will my GermanShepherd protect me without training?,Which is more protective, male or female German Shepherd?,How to train a German shepherd to be a guard dog?,

As we always listen that GermanShepherd is a protective and guarding breed; is it just training?

When it’s about the pup’s protective nature, different questions pop up in our minds.

Will my German Shepherd protect me without training? Yes, luckily, the breed is capable of protecting its owner and family even without training. Loyalty and possessiveness are in the blood of German shepherds, and they can go to any extent to protect their parents.

However, your pup may attack even guests without training, so it’s better to train it when to attack.

As a shepherd parent, you must know about a thin line difference between the aggressive and the dangerous dog.

It’s good to have a giant guarding dog but don’t raise a full-time life threat for other people.

Moreover, It is crucial to mention that you should know when your Shepherd is protecting you and attacking people in the park. This does not happen automatically, but you will have to train it to be a protective pup, not the aggressive one.

Which is more protective, male or female German Shepherd?

At what age do German shepherds start guarding?,Are German shepherds naturally protective?,Will my GermanShepherd protect me without training?,Which is more protective, male or female German Shepherd?,How to train a German shepherd to be a guard dog?,

When it is about the German Shepherd’s protective nature, there is always an extensive discussion about a more productive male German shepherd or a female German Shepherd.

Although both genders of this breed are protective and loyal, males are still dominant in this trait.

You will notice that both male and female German Shepherds are famous for bark on strangers about protecting their family and even yards.

Male German Shepherds are more aggressive as compared to the female German Shepherd. In this way, male dogs increase their protectiveness for the family and as well as for home.

However, there is no gender comparison in the athletic nature of the breed.

How to train a German shepherd to be a guard dog?

At what age do German shepherds start guarding?,Are German shepherds naturally protective?,Will my GermanShepherd protect me without training?,Which is more protective, male or female German Shepherd?,How to train a German shepherd to be a guard dog?,

If you adopt a German shepherd with a mind set up to make it a guarding dog, you must start its training from the very first day.

Before getting into dog training, know about the proper methods so that you will get effective results.

Socialize your German Shepherd

The very first step is to socialize your German shepherd puppy.

In this way, your dog will understand the difference between regular and suspicious activity.

Socialized puppies are never afraid of strangers or intruders.

 To socialize your pup, take him along and allow him to meet different people for multiple experiences.

Make sure to have a firm grip over the leash of your German Shepherd to keep it safe from any bad experience.

Enrolling in an obedience class

Enrolling your German Shepherd in a dog obedience class is always a good approach.

In this way, you can make a German shepherd obedient and quick to respond to your commands.

If you are willing to put your dog under guarding training, control will be imperative.

Positive enforcement or encouragement is crucial when your dog is learning to attack or bark at intruders.

Make sure to provide treatment to keep it motivated and dedicated towards the guarding training.

Bark on command

Teaching your dogs about barking on command is also a crucial step within this training session.

If your dog is not aware of this command, it may bark on every stranger, even at the park.

While on the other hand, if your German Shepherd is trained enough to bark on command, then a magical stick will be in your hand.

In this way, you can order your German Shepherd to attack somebody suspicious.

Dog alertness home

Install some sort of alarm in your home so that the pup will get to know when someone is trying to enter the home illegally.

Practice this situation by Turing on the alarm. Wait for your dog to bark at the Intruder. When your pup is doing it correctly, serve it with a treat.

In this way, your German Shepherd will learn the behavior to bark at intruders even without the presence of an alarm.

Make sure that your pup is not learning to chase while you are teaching it about guarding. Chasing is not a good practice because it may harm any stranger who is not even suspicious.

Hiring a trainer will be best if you don’t know about the proper training method.

Territorial boundaries

Teach your dog about the boundaries of your home. For this purpose, make your dog walk on a leash without getting irritated. Your dog needs to identify the home boundaries to not bark at people outside that boundary.

To wrap it up

Guarding is the very first thing to come to mind when we see a German shepherd. Most of the parents own the German Shepherds for the sake of guarding.

Yes, German Shepherds are protective naturally, but you will have to train them as guard dogs. Proper training is always a crucial factor; otherwise, your Shepherd can be dangerous for other people.

Six months is the exact age from which you can start the training of your darling pup. Know that German Shepherds are active without being dependent on their gender.

However, you will find male German Shepherds more active and energetic as compared to female German Shepherds.

But this difference is relatively minor in that it mostly goes neglected. Here is a quick overview of how you can train your German Shepherd to be a guard dog. Firstly, you will have to make your Shepherd socialize to understand who is a friend and who is Intruder.

Enrolling your Shepherd into the obedience class is the most effective and efficient way to train it quickly.

Train your dog to bark on command so that you will have all control in your hand. According to experts, hiring a trainer is a good option when it’s about training your dog about guarding.

Because any wrong move can make your dog a life threat for someone.


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