Why Are Labradors Always Hungry? (Explained) 2022

Dogs there just can’t help but beg for table leftovers just after the meals. But then there comes Labrador, the breed obsessed with food, no matter how much they are full. Have you ever wonder why Labrador Retrievers always hungry?

Even according to the latest studies, Labrador retrievers are more likely to beg for the treat and food as compared to other dog breeds. The heart-melting eyes of Labrador’s convince you to give them food no matter what’s the time.

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Owners whose meals are interrupted by Labrador that is maniacally begging understand this, and so the vets who attend these chunky dogs.

Even within the obesity surveys, Vets mentioned that Labradors are the most of their patients as the obese and as well as overweight. 

There is nothing wrong if we say that Labrador is the first breed that has been directly associated with obesity. Frustrated Labrador parents, don’t panic!

Your overly hungry Labrador has nothing to do with the less or more food quantity that you are feeding. But it’s about your Labrador’s ability to sense full, biologically.

Why are Labradors so obsessed with food?

Labrador parents state that their fur ball eats too much and is always hungry. They added, maybe Labradors are so obsessed with foods that’s why they are always into begging even chunks.

The latest studies within Cell Metabolism reflects the point that the over hungry behaviour is may be due to some biological factors. So it’s clear that your perfect buddy is not showing this behaviour willingly.

Moving ahead to the details, results show that inability to switch off hunger is due to the modification in a gene, POMC. Most of the pups who suffer from hunger issues are rich in scrambled DNA at some end within POMC. 

Additionally, due to this modification, Labrador cannot produce neuropeptides beta MSH and beta-endorphin, hunger switches.

Therefore, it’s not your Labrador who is at fault; it’s just the absence of these hunger turns off switches in its body. The same is the reason which causes obesity in dogs and especially in Labrador breed.

Along with this, there are chances that your Labrador is genuinely hungry, and it is not due to the absence of the mentioned substances.

There is a possibility that the current food which you are offering to your Labrador is not enough to complete its nutrient needs.

Sometimes sickness also causes random and abnormal hunger in Labrador. Boredom is another major cause that lets your dog into frequently eating behaviour.

Not only this, separation anxiety, along with stress or depression, also forces the dog to eat whatever is coming in their way.

Do Labrador retrievers eat a lot?

As mentioned above, all of the explanations directly reflect that Labrador retrievers eat a lot. No matter what quality or quantity of food you are providing to your lab, it is going to demand food after an hour or even after 15 minutes.

Again the reasons are somehow clear at this point that it is due to the genetic modification which causes abnormal hunger in your favourite Labrador.

Even most of the Labradors will eat anything that is offered to them, and they will also explore the trash in search of food.

This abnormal hunger forces them to chew toys, socks, stones and even the dead things at the route to parks.

If you focus on the other side of this hunger issue, you will get to know that Labradors are very friendly and super active, and they consume all of their energy while playing and exercising, hence demand a lot of food to eat.

There is a wide range of methods to train a Labrador to stop begging for food and demand meals at their specific time.

Proper training will teach your Labrador to control hunger rather than exploring the trash and eating grass and dirt.

How many times a day should you feed a Labrador?

How many times a day should you feed a Labrador?

Yes, we accept that Labradors eat a lot, but still, you should make a routine of feeding your darling Labrador so that it will not get an upset tummy or diarrhoea.

Because of the food obsession, Labradors are more prone to get diarrhoea or other stomach problems, so you must feed them on a proper routine.

The routine makes it easy for the Labrador to digest meals, and hence they get a smoothly running digestive system. Moreover, this is the way due to which you can balance the overall flow of energy. Checkout our article about How much to feed Labrador?

The need and time of food will keep changing with the growing age of Labrador. Or we can say that a puppy will have a different food need as compared to the adult Labrador.

For the Labrador puppies, it is highly recommended to feed them four times a day at the age of 3 months. For the Labradors between three to six months, the advice is to provide them only three times a day.

Moving ahead, feeding Labrador twice a day is more than enough when it is older than six months. For all of the recommendations mentioned above, space should be 3 hours for the four meals.

4 hours of space will be enough for three meals. And from 6 to 7 hours are recommended when you are going to serve your dog two meals a day.

It is crucial to mention that parents should avoid feeding their puppy within 3 hours of leading up to bed. In case if your Labrador is suffering from diarrhoea or soft stools, then you must serve it with smaller different meals rather than a few large meals.

AgeMeal in a DayMeal Gap
3 Months4 Times3 Hours
3 – 6 Months3 Times4 Hours
Above 6 Months2 Times6 – 7 Hours

However, if your Labrador is suffering from some disease, you must ask the vet’s recommendation relating to the quantity and quality of food.

Before bringing some new food for your dog, make sure that it is not allergic to some specific food item; otherwise, it may cause problems.

Moreover, a wide range of brands is offering quality food which is suitable according to the needs of Labradors. Along with this, homemade food is another good option when you want to control your lab’s hunger.

To conclude

While living with the Labradors, you will always find them begging for food or exploring the home to get leftover. Each time their big innocent eyes convince you to provide them food no matter what quality or quantity you just fed them.

Also it doesn’t matter if Labradors eat a lot still Labradors are highly popular breed in the United States as well as all over the world.

No matter the level of love for your Labrador, this food begging or food obsession behaviour is never acceptable. Encouraging the food obsession means providing each and everything to your dog, no matter if it is edible or not.

When comparing Labrador breeds with other dog breeds, you will realize that it is just your Labrador who is having these hunger issues.

Sometimes it can be due to the attention or encouragement from the dog parents, but mostly it is a biological fault in your lab, such as the absence of a sense due to which they feel full.

The modification of POMC is the actual reason why you will find your lab begging for food each moment. It is highly recommended to severe dogs with the quality or proper quantity at a specific time to control the hunger issues.

At this point, vet consultation is a good approach to know about the best food according to the activities and health of your lab.

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