Why Do Dogs Like Sticks?

Whether you have been nurturing a dog for a long time or you have recently become a parent of your beloved dog, you must have experienced a situation in which your dog would be pleased to chew bone-shaped sticks or love sticks a lot. 

It has been decades, and the only habit that hasn’t be changed between dogs is this one. In such a situation, you will always want to get rid of that habit as soon as possible so that your dog can be raised as a well-mannered, healthy dog. In this guide, we will learn why dogs like sticks and why they like to chew them so much

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They are often seen to chew sticks. You must have noticed that there are many types of chewing sticks available in the market online and offline, but in general when we talk about the stakes, we are talking about the posts that your dog picks from the parks while you walk them. 

If we keep in mind all these habits, we will understand the reason and the science behind the practice of chewing and liking the sticks so much. This habit is ancient and has been going on in the middle of Dogs for centuries. When you visit or take your dog for a walk to the nearest park, you must have noticed that you often see the dogs and their parents playing with the sticks. 

Play and fetch is the most common game played by most of the dogs and their owners using balls and sticks. If you too like this game and play the stakes and fetch game with your dog, then maybe it is not a shock to hear that your dog likes bars or chewing sticks.

If you think that continuing the habit of playing play and fetch with the sticks will encourage the behavior, you are wrong. Doing it or not doing it will make little or no difference in the habit of liking sticks or chewing sticks. It is something that has been practiced and chewed by your dog for months, and it is not going to fade away or be long gone any sooner. 

You will have to understand the exact reason and the psychology behind liking the sticks so much, and then afterward, you will get to know how you can tackle this issue and solve it to raise a well-mannered dog in your home. 

The first thing for us is to understand why dogs love sticks so much and at the same time have; we will also need to go to the root of the reasons to understand the process and their behavior of liking the sticks and chewing them for and hours. In this article, I will tell you in detail why do dog-like posts and how can you get rid of this habit as soon as possible and make your dog capable of putting its entire focus on any task if given.

Why Do Dogs Like Sticks?

Dogs love the shape, texture, and Aroma of the stick. The habit of mouth play and chewing an object is the reason behind your dog liking sticks so much. Chewing sticks can also prove to be fatal for their health if not controlled or identified correctly. 

Cause Of The Behavior

9 Reason Why Dogs Like Sticks So Much?

Why Do Dogs Like Sticks, why my dog like sticks so much?
Why Do Dogs Like Sticks?

Here I am going to tell you nine reasons why your dog likes the stick so much. If your dog also likes posts and chewing, you will find an explanation below that will help you understand why exactly your dog wants your dog like sticks because of one of the nine reasons given below.

  • Playing Habit

You must have realized and often seen that humans and animals also have the habits of playing, and in such a situation, any toy or a stick can excite a dog. We know that dogs often like to do something within their mouth because they are always so full of energy, and the posts act as a toy. 

If a dog finds a stick from somewhere while doing nothing, then the chances of him starting playing with the bar will be very high. Slowly he will begin playing with the sticks, chewing them afterward, liking the posts very much. 

Stick is a very fantastic toy in the eyes of your dog because he can chew anything for hours and hours, and chew sticks are an excellent substitute for them. 

At the same time, chewing sticks also help them in energy consumption, draining their energy, or keeping their energy low. Your dog may not have some kind of Toy available to chew on, which may result in him preferring to chew the sticks as a toy.

  • Bone Shaped Sticks

You must have seen how much a dog likes to chew bones, and in such a situation, a dog can consider a stake as a bone because of its shape. You must have observed sticks resembling the form of a bone which could be the reason behind your dog liking the posts so much. 

We all know that dogs are members of the carnivorous canine and from where they like things related to Hunting. Dogs love bones, and if they don’t get one, they can try chewing on anything that resembles the shape of a bone or the smell aur the texture of the bone. Stick is a great substitute and choice for some dogs.

  • Stick’s Taste And Texture

There are some certain dog breeds in the market or this world who like the taste the texture of the stick very much. If your dog likes the taste or the surface of the posts very much, then this could also be the possible reason behind your dog’s Desire to chew sticks so much. 

We are humans, and we also like the texture and the taste of many different things, but in the case of dogs, it should not be so surprising that a dog wants a stick due to its taste and texture. 

The taste of a steak is the center of attraction for dogs and its texture itself. The stick has an appeal that attracts many animals itself, including birds and rodents also. The taste and texture of the steak may be the reason behind your dog liking it so much.

  • Historical Reason

Many times in history, it has been noticed that many dog breeds were used by humans, especially for Hunting and a guard to protect the hearts of animals from other dangerous animals. In such a situation, the dog used to hunt it and cover the hurts. 

This could be the reason behind your dog chewing on liking the sticks so much. When you visit the park to walk your dog in such a situation, if your dog picks any ]kind of stick from a garden, the possible reason behind it could be the post’s experience to your dog. Your dog may feel like a hunter, or your dog is likely trying to show you how capable he is in learning any new skill of presenting his hunting skill. In some breeds, it has been observed that to show their owners how talented they are and to experience the Predator feeling, the dog usually picks up sticks

  • Stick Smell

We all know how much dogs are capable of identifying anything with its smell. From this, we can easily guess that if a stick comes from a particular type of tree in front of them, then just by smelling it, your dog can recognize it and start liking it. If there is any specific tree in your Courtyard or backyard of your house from where your dog usually picks its sticks, then the smell of the post could be the reason behind liking it so much. 

If you have observed your dog liking a particular kind of stick or if your dog only picks a post from a specific place, then maybe the smell could be the reason behind them enjoying it so much. Your dog can identify anything by smelling it, whether it is worth eating or not. Your dog not only picks up a stick but also sniffs it. 

Dogs and its companion can easily pick the smell of anything present in the sticks, which humans can’t do. So what we learn is that not only the taste and the texture but also the smell of the posts could be so impressive that it attracts your dog’s father and makes them its lover.

  • Nutritional Deficiency

If you don’t know the let me tell you that many people, as well as experts, believe that whenever there is any nutritional deficiency present inside your dog, that dog exceptionally starts eating Strange types of items and things which include tree trunk, dirt, grass, straw, flowers, and sticks. So, your dog may have some nutritional deficiencies present inside the body due to which they like to chew sticks so much. This could be why do dogs like sticks.

  • Soreness Or Pain In The Teeth Or Jaw

It has been observed that small dogs aur puppies like to choose something whenever they feel pain or soreness in the teeth or their mouth. Any pain or soreness in the mouth can increase the Desire of chewing something in the Dogs to a stop, so if there is any swelling or soreness or pain in your dog mouth, this could be the potential reason why dogs like sticks.

  • Habit Of Mouth Play

Most types of dogs like to put something in their mouth and chew on it. They don’t always look for taste or smell pages that need something to keep themselves busy, and this behavior is widespread in dogs. Some particular species or breeds of dogs also have this habit of running through their win for decades. 

If your dog has a habit of chewing something or if you have noticed your dog always keeps playing or moving with something in their mouth, then your dog may have a habit of mouth play. It is natural to have this kind of habit in some dog breeds. So, it could be the reason why do dogs like sticks so much.

  • Tree In The Backyard Or Courtyard

If there is any particular kind of tree in your backyard or Courtyard or the guard in, then it could be the place from where your dog usually fixes its sticks. So, it is natural for any dog to pick a stick beneath the tree because there would be many sticks present for him to choose from. It could increase the habit of picking sticks and chewing on them. So, if there is any tree in the backyard or Courtyard, this could be the potential reason why dogs like sticks. 

Prevention Of The Behavior

  • Do not keep any bone-shaped object or stick in the house. 
  • If there is any particular type of tree in your backyard, all Courtyard, then clear it every day so that no branches or sticks are gathered there.
  • Give your dog a chewing toy as a gift so that he can get rid of chewing sticks or liking it any further. 
  • Divert your dog’s focus on something else so that he doesn’t even notice the state if there is any.
  • Control your dog’s chewing habit right from his childhood. 

Outcomes Of Encouraging The Behavior

If you don’t control your dog’s chewing habit, then your dog can be prone to various kinds of gum diseases and dental problems. Chewing the sticks continuously is more likely to cause blisters and swelling in their mouth. Dogs are more likely to be prone to drooling who likes chewing sticks. 

Adding to that, insects and germs present inside the sticks could enter your dog’s stomach and cause them various kinds of diseases in the future. Chewing the sticks continuously also harms and reduces the ability of your dog to concentrate on a particular task.

Solution Of The Behavior

Whenever you take your dog for a walk, it is not always possible to control your dog to such an extent that it does not even lift any stick from that park. So the best thing that you can do in such a situation is to take a toy or a ball in your bag when you go out with him. 

When you take out your dog for a walk, give him that toy/ball play substitute for the sticks. While playing with that Toy, if you notice your dog suddenly running towards the bars or even if they start playing with it, you should never be angry at them or even panic. You need to ignore it. 

You need to start ignoring your dog to give some notion to your dog that you don’t appreciate them playing with the sticks. You can move forward towards the ball that you brought to play with your dog. 

In a couple of days, you will notice your dog playing with the ball so that he can spend more time with you instead of with the stick. Whenever your dog does not listen to you or picks up the posts repeatedly, you need to walk away from him to give them the notion that you don’t appreciate it and want to play with the ball instead of sticks. Never scold him for this. 

It will show him that you are only interested in playing with him if he picks up a ball instead of a stick. Always make sure that the Toy or the ball you are going to choose is durable and doesn’t get destroyed by continuous chew. Here is the Toy I Used and the ball I used to play with my dog because it is durable and chew-proof. 

You must purchase a giant chew toy at home so that your dog doesn’t get bored inside your home and go for the sticks. The Toy should be big enough not to get swallowed by your dog, but not should be such a bug that they don’t even get to put it into his mouth. 

Clean your backyard so that there are no fallen branches or sticks from the tree to attract your dog. Gifting your dog with chewable toys and balls will keep them busy all day long and will also keep their energy level low. It will also prevent them from getting into any terrible habit any further.

Psychological Reason Why You Dog Likes Stick

Why Do Dogs Like Sticks, why my dog like sticks so much?
Psychological Reason Why You Dog Likes Stick

Psychology says that whenever a dog sees some object resembling a bone, it can make them want it in their mouth to chew. It goes to the Predator trades naturally. According to psychology, whenever a dog sees any state permit, it naturally makes them go towards it and leaves it off because of their Predator traits that have been seen for centuries. 

Only because dogs do not hunt in today’s world, they like to chew on something. Dogs are naturally high-energy animals that require frequent action to keep their energy level low. 

Apart from this, psychology also has to say that dogs used to have the habit of playing with something in their mouth is very old and has been practiced by the canines for centuries which automatically makes them chew on something in today’s world still. 

At the same time, research also says that some special breed dogs love sticks because they have been taught to play with the posts for a century, and the offspring have inherited this kind of trait for centuries.

How Are Healthy Sticks For Your Dog? 

Why Do Dogs Like Sticks, why my dog like sticks so much?
How Healthy Sticks Are For You Dog?

To know how healthy sticks are for your dog, you need to know the type of stick your dog is chewing on. If you want to know the correct answer, nobody could better understand what kind of stick your dogs like. Some tree trunks and bars are very poisonous for dogs, and some of them can even get stuck in your dog’s mouth or neck. 

If the stick is from a Black Cherry tree or a walnut tree, or even a yea tree, it can prove fatal for your dog. Let me tell you, for the same reason, and it is always said to keep your dog away from any tree trunk or its sticks because you don’t know how dangerous is it could be for your dog’s health. 

You can give your dog any Toy or ball to play but always keep him away from any type of stick if you don’t know from what kind of tree does that it has come from. 

However, if the stick is from an Orange tree or a neem tree, it will not harm their health. However, suppose the post is from a particular tree containing harmful toxins, toxic material, or poisonous substances. In that case, it could harm your dog’s digestive system and make them very sick afterward.


I hope that I managed to give you all the information needed for you to know why dogs like sticks at. If you find this post helpful and informative, do share it because it will encourage me to write more about them and share it with the audience. Apart from that, make sure you follow us on our social media platform.

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