Why Do Puppies Eat Grass and Dirt? (Explained) 2022

Have you ever bring your darling puppy for a potty break, and turning your back serves you with a mouth full of grass? You might panic and imagine the dog vomit, and you will be washing the carpet.

This behavior is maybe not the alarm. Still, the question is, why do puppies eat grass and dirt? Will eating dirt hurt my puppy? And many more queries.

Most dog owners and veterinarians assume that dogs consume strange items due to any diet deficiency. It can be a type of pica in your dogs.

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There is a wide range of diet deficiencies that causes a reduction in the number of body vitamins and minerals.

For instance, eating dirt or grass can be your pup’s way of consuming fiber, which helps him pass excessive gas and stool.

Maybe fiber was missing in a three-time meal of dog.

But if your dog is not facing any kind of diet deficiency and his diet is balanced, eating grass is not to fulfill it.

The reason may differ depending on your dog’s digestive system or cravings, as we all are aware that dogs are omnivores, and even they don’t like to rely on plants.

But sometimes, an incomplete diet forces them to have grass as their snack. Try to provide animal meat to your dog so that he will not crave the grass and plants.

However, dogs may like the taste of grass, especially when it is emerging during the spring season.

Maybe your dog is munching relentlessly over the grass because of separation anxiety.

I am not just mentioning the reasons for the grass-eating habit, but its solution is also there in the blog. Keep reading and know about the relating details.

Is it safe for a puppy to eat grass?

Consumption of dirt and grass indicates that your pup is trying to relieve his upset stomach, and they vomit after having grass.

It is worth mentioning that less than 25 percent of the dogs vomit soon after eating grass.

While on the other hand, 10 percent of dogs reflect feverish conditions even before eating the grass. Others don’t eat grass at all because they don’t like it.

Mentioning, eating grass is not as harmful to the health of the pups. However, some breeds may get some intestinal or stomach issues due to the grass parasites.

Also, if there is some spray or pesticide over the grass, the dog may get infected. Therefore, if you are aware of grass eating habits of your dog, try to keep the lawn clean and free from pesticides.

Moreover, some training sessions or practices, follow them and keep your dog away from grass consumption.

Will eating dirt hurt my puppy?

Sometimes Yes and mostly No in answer to the question that, will eating dirt hurt my puppy. Yes, eating dirt can be harmful to the pup if the grass is not growing with clean water.

Also, you never know that from where your dog is eating dirt, it may contain something harmful.

As we all are aware that dirt contains some bacteria and as well as parasites, which are again harmful to the pups.

Bacteria and viral infections are caused mainly by the dirt and hence become the reason for roundworms and heartworms.

It is worth mentioning that dirt directly is not harmful to the puppies, but the substances in the soil are. No matter what, you must teach your puppy not to eat dirt or grass.

Puppy tearing up grass

How do I stop my puppy from tearing up the grass?

You love your lawn, and at the same time, you love your puppy, but its grass tearing nature is getting out of control. 

Your once gorgeous lawn or fence line is looking like a mini zone of war. All of the vegetables are ruined, and OMG, these random holes, who should you blame for it, obviously your puppy.

Why is your puppy digging up the lawn when it is rich in all kinds of toys? What should dog parents do to stop puppies from tearing up the grass?

Don’t worry, and we are again here for the sake of your help with the best possible solutions.

Following these steps will solve half of your problem. all of these are pretty simple to understand and even mind.

Spend more time with your puppy

You should provide more playtime to your puppy along with some exercise

Serve your puppy with the specific area to tear grass and dig holes

Never encourage your puppy for this behavior

Use digging oriented deterrents

Calm your puppy down, help him to reduce aggression

If these straightforward points are not enough to solve your problem, let’s get into the details for more clear concepts

Digging Deterrents

When your puppy has the habit of tearing grass and digging the lawn, using deterrents can be the simple solution.

This will be helpful when your puppy is tearing grass from some specific areas and keeping its spot the same. 

Fence all of those parts of your lawn by using the flexible barrier, which is easy to use by the dog parents.

In this way, dog parents can bury smelling solid and uncomfortable deterrents into the fixed spots. Honestly, all of these are reporting success.

Walk off if your puppy is not stopping to tear the grass.

Keep calm and simple walkout from the location where your puppy is spreading the mess. It will be the most simple and straightforward approach for the dog parents.

As a dog parent, you should know that some specific dog breeds demand more attention and exercise.

When your dog is tearing the grass, understand that they are suffering from boredom or stress.

Therefore, if you noticed that your puppy is continuously ruining the grass then bring them out for a walk.

Distract your puppy

It would be best if you had some toys to reduce the boredom of your puppy so it will not be attracted to grass.

Along with this, reduce the other causes of the dog grass tearing behavior. In this way, you will be able to distract the puppies at the right time.

Keep an eye on your pup and distract it whenever it starts digging into the lawn. Again, for this distraction, you can use their favorite toys or start playing fetch games with them.

They were mentioning that never use the treats to distract your puppy because they may interpret it wrong.

Dogs keep associating events, so they may associate digging with treat-getting activity. Therefore, it is highly recommended to distract the pup by using toys or in some other game.

Use pest prevention

Within the list of the methods to stop your puppy from eating grass and dirt next one is to use pest prevention. Most of the dog stop eating hay because they do not like the smell of pest controller.

There is a possibility that your dog is not interested in tearing grass, but something is bothering it.

Puppies get mad with the presence of squirrels and worms, and as a result, they start tearing lawns.

Therefore, using pest prevention is going to help dog parents. In this case, use dog-friendly pest control so it may not harm your puppy.

Give attention to your puppy.

When puppies start getting bore, they keep behaving weirdly to seek your attention. Ruining the grass and eating dirt is one of their ways to attract the dog parent.

Again, maybe puppies are associating the events that when they eat grass, you give them attention.

Don’t encourage your puppy.

Please don’t use the treats or toys to redirect soon when it starts eating the grass. Mentioning again, your dog may interpret grass eating as the act to fetch a treat from you.

Use the commands and properly train your puppy.

To wrap it up

Living with the puppies is all about exploring their weird behavior, such as eating grass and dirt—none of us like that their puppy is continuously consuming the grass and whatever is coming in its mouth.

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Puppy is not just ruining your garden but also harming himself. Therefore, almost all dog owners keep asking how to stop their puppies from eating grass and dirt.

I believe that at the end of this article, you are fully aware of the reasons due to which your dog is consuming dirt, along with the solution to solve this problem.

Living with puppies is not just entertainment or fun, but it is a responsibility for the owners.



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