Why Does My Puppy Jump On Me During Walks? (Explained) 2022

You are enjoying walking in pleasant weather, but suddenly your puppy starts jumping on you. Now you wonder what happens to your puppy, why is it jumping on me like a crazy one.

You need to know the accurate answer of “Why does my puppy jump on me during walks” to get rid of this behavior. The blog will help you by showing causes and the solution why puppy goes crazy and starts jumping on you.

So straightforward answer to the question “Why does my puppy jump on me during walks” is encouraged the behavior unconsciously, Excitement, Trying to be dominant, Lack of training, etc.

These are the few that could be a reason for your pup to jump on you while walking. Let’s discuss each of these in detail.

Why does my puppy jump on me during walks?

You encouraged the behavior unconsciously.

As mentioned above, encouragement from the dog parent can be why the puppy starts jumping during walks. Mostly, you inadvertently encouraged jumping from your pup by serving the treats, which it wants.

In offering treats or a happy mood and attention when the puppy starts jumping, it interprets it as encouragement.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to stop reacting in a happy mood and stop them without offering any treatment. Jumping can be its way to get the desired treatment from you, and you do not understand this tactic.


The tiny furry creature just loves to spend time with their owners, especially when you bring them to the walk. Jumping can be your pup’s way of showing excitement which is irritating for you.

I know you love your darling puppy, but you will have to teach it not to jump on you in walks.

Also, the other side is that dog mothers provide food from their faces, and now they expect the same from you.

Proper dog training will help you to stop this jumping behavior of your pup.

Trying to be dominant.

People conclude that dogs jump on the dog parents during the walk to show a dominant nature. Your puppy may not like to walk behind you and may interpret walking on a leash as bullying.

In this way, your tiny puppy is showing its aggression and wants to stop you from pulling its leash. Therefore, jumping on you during walks is kind of showing dominance.

Lack of training

Living with an ill-mannered puppy is never entertaining as you planned before adopting it. When you are not paying attention to train your pup for daily routines, you will have to face these jumping types of behaviors.

Your puppy is not at fault when it is never prepared to walk correctly on a leash. Therefore, keep calm and give attention to dog schooling to enjoy good living with it.

How do I stop my puppy from jumping and biting while walking?

Another frequently asked question by the dog parent is, ‘ how do I stop my puppy from jumping and biting while walking”. Without wasting your time, let’s jump to a straightforward answer.

Know that most of the solutions of dog bad behavior are opposite to its causes.

Avoid encouragement

Stop providing the treatment to distract your pup when it is biting or jumping on you. Your dog may associate the event and interpret jumping orbiting as the action to get the treat.

Instead, provide them a treat when they stop walking to learn to walk continuously on a leash.

Puppies understand the vibes and feel your energy so stop showing excitement. Stopping your pup by showing anger is also an excellent approach to get rid of his jumping habit.

Positive reinforcement

Getting into the positive reinforcement is also the ball in your court when you want to teach something new to your puppy. The best way to stop your puppy from biting and jumping during walks is

  • Bring the favorite treats of your puppy during the walks
  • Teach him to sit down by bringing the joy above his head, so it’s about giving two lessons by one move.
  • Teach him to stay for a while. After that, it will achieve a treat. Keep saying sit and wait after getting its attention. don’t give him pleasure until it acts accordingly
  • Repeat the previous steps daily and start increasing the duration when they stay
  • When your puppy is aware enough of the sit-and-stay commands, it’s time to distract it by using toys. More it will be diverted toward toys less it will jump on you.
  • The goal is to teach your pup to sit whenever you command this so that you can stop it from jumping orbiting.

Redirect the focus of your puppy

If possible, keep noticing your puppy and redirect its focus when you feel that it is about to jump on you.

Don’t let it free from exercise.

Ensure that your puppy is following a specific amount of exercise regularly so it will not be free to jump on you.

How do you train a puppy not to jump on you?

The common reason for a dog jumping on you is to gain some treat and maybe your attention. By noticing the jumping don’t, we just unintentionally encourage them, due to which they just keep doing it.

Puppies don’t need to learn about jumping; it’s in their nature. If you are not teaching them to stop jumping on command, you are doing wrong with yourself.

A jumping puppy is going to challenge you during the walks. Even the puppy may start jumping on the strangers and the guest, isn’t it wrong? None of us is going to entertain this behavior from our puppies, and even we should not.

For the parents who are worried about this behavior and want to train their puppy not to jump on them during the walk, the guide will be helpful.

Keep in mind that your dog is not going to learn to behave well overnight. You will have to be consistent and determined to teach them something new.

You will have to offer them what they want to get desired results. I will explain the methods to train your puppy to stop jumping on you under some conditions.

If your puppy is jumping on you in excitement

  • Show your back to the puppy. Keep in mind to be sweet with the puppy and don’t yell at it. Also, don’t push your puppy because it may get aggressive in fear.
  • Never knee down when you are not in the mood to play with your puppy. Even if it tries to jump on you, change your location. In this way, your puppy will understand that it’s not good to jump all time.
  • Keep saying some commands such as “not good” to teach your puppy to stop jumping.
  • Walking away from the location is the best approach because your puppy will understand it quickly.
  • Start the interaction because your puppy is maybe jumping on you to get attention.

If your puppy starts jumping when you come home

Within the training session, the next one is to teach your puppy not to jump when you are coming home after a long day. Due to this specific training, your puppy will also understand that it should not jump on the guests coming from the door.

Firstly, you just have to open half of the door to judge if your puppy is ready to jump on you or it is busy anywhere else. If your puppy is about to jump on you, close the door and hold it for 30 second

Start opening the door again and repeat the step if the puppy tries to jump.

Keep repeating the previous point until your puppy is calm enough to let you in without jumping at your back.

Use of cues or command is highly appreciated when teaching some new behavior to your darling pups.

In case if the puppy is jumping on the guests.

Put your canine on the rope and open the entryway for your visitor. Teach them early to thump when they show up (to caution you) yet to enter all alone and sit tight in the doorway for you to come and welcome them.

When your visitor has entered, bring your canine close enough to see them, however far enough away that they can’t arrive at your visitor. Ask your dog for a seat.

Have your companion stroll toward you yet request that they pause stop if your canine turns out to be excessively energized and holds up.

When this occurs, smoothly stand out enough to be noticed and request that they sit. At the point when situated, your companion can start strolling forward once more.

Repeat Step 3 until your companion arrives at your canine with each of the four paws still on the floor. At the point when they show up, let the two make proper acquaintance!

If your puppy is jumping at outsiders

Ask the well-disposed outsider on the off chance that they would spend a second assisting you with showing your little guy respectful, good tidings. Request that the more peculiar halt and let you come to them.

Begin strolling your canine toward the outsider to make proper acquaintance. If your dog gets excessively energized—pulling on the rope, glancing around, yelping, etc.—stand out enough to be noticed back on you while backing up a stage or two.

Give your canine a second to quiet down (standing or sitting is OK); at that point, start moving toward the individual once more. Rehash Step 2 each time your canine gets too eager to even think about hello.

When you’ve made it to your new companion with each of the four of your canine’s paws on the ground, permit them to make proper acquaintance.



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