Why Labrador Is Not Eating? (Explained) 2022

We all are aware that Labradors are famous because of their excessive and frequent eating habits. Why Labrador Is Not Eating anymore? Your Labrador is rejecting food for the first time, which is a significant point of concern for you.

As a responsible dog parent, you are exploring the reasons due to which your Labrador is facing a lack of appetite problem. Read this article If your Labrador Puppy is not eating?

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Different reasons are popping up in your mind that maybe your Labrador is facing some severe disease and it is perhaps getting into depression due to which it’s not willing to eat food.

You may think that your Labrador is not happy at your home, and it can be the biggest fear of a dog parent. Rather than sitting and bluffing the reasons, you should consult a vet or know about the possible causes.

Why Labrador not eating his food anymore?

Labradors never leave their food without any reason because they are obsessed with it. So if you are noticing that your Labrador is not finishing its food, then you must focus on several reasons.

Maybe your darling dog is suffering from some illness, or it is not adjusting to its surroundings. Along with the different causes, you must focus on your own behaviour because dogs notice your energy and Vibe.

Let’s jump to the several different reasons due to which Labradors deny eating.


When your Labrador rejects food, the first reason which pops up in our mind is the illness. The decreased appetite of your Labrador may be due to sickness or due to some disease.

However, it’s not always the severe disease that causes the lack of appetite in your dog. But, sometimes, this can be true that your Labrador is suffering from some extreme conditions such as cancer, liver problems, kidney infections or some sort of other pain.

Dental disease

There is a possibility that your Labrador is not eating food because it can be due to the dental pain or disease. Check your Labrador for the broken or loose tooth after the food rejection.

If you are not getting the physical presence of a problem, then you must consult a vet because it can be due to the oral tumour.

Recent vaccination

Luckily there is a wide range of vaccinations that are available for the severe diseases of Labrador, which saved their lives. You will notice soon after vaccination; your Labradors will not like to eat something because of the mild sickness.

There is nothing to worry about because some of the Labradors vaccination causes minor side effects and lack of appetite is one of these.

Unfamiliar surroundings

Maybe you just adopted a Labrador, and it is not willing to eat anything because of the unfamiliar surroundings.

It can be due to motion sickness, and maybe your Labrador is into the honeymoon phase. Try to spend quality time with your new Labrador, and after that, you will notice everything chewed up into the home.

Picky eaters

How much to feed Labrador

A few canines are simply critical, or their refusal to eat might be brought about by taking care of them in circumstances where they aren’t happy, for example, around a forceful canine or from a bowl at awkward tallness.

Since a diminished craving in dogs might be brought about by disease, never expect that your puppy is meticulous without researching different potential outcomes first.

Separation anxiety

Labradors are a friendly, popular and social breed and wants good company all day and night and hence expects plenty of time from their parents.

As a parent, if you are not spending proper time with your Labrador, it may suffer from separation anxiety and hence reject eating food.

Separation anxiety also cause that depression and stress in your dog, which is again a reason due to which Labrador is not eating food.

Behavioural reasons

Most of the breeders suffer from depression because parents are no longer treating Labrador in the same way as they used to. Maybe your dog is used to receiving a lot of treats along with the leftovers, and the situation is no longer the same.

Perhaps the previous owners were hand-feeding Labradors, and you are not going the same way, which again causes stress and depression in Labradors.

So it is highly recommended not to change your behaviour with your Labrador because they notice change quickly and may get anxious about being alone.

Can Labradors stop eating?

Yes, Labrador stops eating, but this is temporary when it is suffering from some severe disease such as dental problems or due to some other illness.

However, if your Labrador is not like the taste of food, it may keep rejecting it and stop eating, which is again a temporary situation.

When there is no such serious situation, you will always find Labrador chewing or swallowing something because they are obsessed with food.

So if your Labrador is not eating, all you have to do is know about the actual reason before any treatment or medication.

What do you do when your lab won’t eat?

There is a possibility that dog parents are interpreting the “lab is not eating” in different ways according to their Labrador and their experience.

For most of the dog’s parents, when they say that their Labrador is not eating, they simply mean that the Labrador’s mouth is nil for several days.

On the other hand, some parents say this line because they notice a more fussier behaviour in their dog in such a way that it is turning the nose when you are serving it with some kibble to eat.

Or we can also say that they are saying that moody Labrador is not eating some specific kind of food. You should also know about right quantity to feed your lab.

Labrador is not cleaning its bowl, and also it is not losing weight, but some are eating but still losing weight, several different meanings of one line.

Consult a vet

If you are noticing that your Labrador is no more interested in eating food and is not cleaning its bowl even at its favourite food, then you must consult an experienced vet without wasting time.

Bring the proper medication at the right time if you are noticing any pain evidence in the Labrador’s body.

As mentioned above, Labrador’s refuse to eat when they are suffering from dental problems along with some other illness, so you have to cure it if you want an average eating dog.

Try changing food


There is a possibility that your Labrador no longer likes the type or taste of the food, so you must try changing the food brand.

Moreover, you can also serve it with homemade food by cooking it accordingly. In this way, you can increase or decrease the spice or the sweet taste your dog may like.

Use of pharmaceuticals

There is a possibility that your Labrador is not feeling hungry, due to which it is completely ignoring and rejecting food.

there is no pain evidence and disease in the body of your Labrador, then you should bring some pharmaceuticals in order to stimulate the dog’s appetite.

It is crucial to mention that you must consult a vet before providing the pharmaceuticals to ensure that there are no side effects on the health of your lab.

Along with the pharmaceuticals, you will have to serve your darling dog with its favourite treats or food. In this way, you can notice whether the pharmaceuticals are solving the problem or not.

To wrap it up

As we all know that Labradors are obsessed with food, so it is a significant point of concern when Labradors deny eating and do not clean their bowl and are not asking for the leftovers.

Almost all of the dog parents understand that there will be a serious reason behind this denying of food because Labradors are not wired to reject food.

The common causes are illness, some dental diseases, side effects of the medication and unfamiliar surroundings, as mentioned above in the blog. I believe that at the end of the guide, you are entirely aware of the solutions when Labrador is not eating.

All you have to do is to change the food with some treats or homemade supplements. Stimulating the appetite is also a good approach when there is no other disease or evidence of pain in the Labrador’s body.

No matter what method you are going to use, consulting a vet is always a good option.






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