Why Labradors Are lazy? (Let’s Find Out) 2022

At the time of adopting Labrador, you were told that they are highly active and energetic. But now you are noticing opposite behavior in your pup. So, you are concerned why Labradors are lazy?

It may happen soon after adaptation or maybe at some particular stage in the lab’s life. Now you are worried that your dog is lying on the couch for the whole day, unwilling to play with you, and even refuses to swim.

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Laziness in dogs is not the point of worry when it is some other breed, but it is a significant point to be concerned about when the same behavior is noticed in Labrador.

Why Labradors Are lazy?

We can say that lazy is not the word for the Labrador breed. So you should know about the possible reasons such as not getting proper food or due to illness, and maybe improper exercise routine is making your Labrador lazy.

Maybe there is some serious reason behind it, or perhaps the combination of two or more causes. Before getting any medication or treatment, knowing about the root causes is essential.

Let’s find out!

Labrador is getting bored.

There is a possibility that your Labrador is not facing some severe issue but just boredom. This can be the case when you are not spending quality time with your furball, and it is not feeling active.

But when you are ready to take it outside for a walk, Labrador will show you super energetic behavior.

Improper or insufficient diet

You should be aware that Labradors are very energetic and that is why they need some particular sort of food which should be full of energy and essential nutrients.

When you are not responsible enough to get a proper diet for your Labrador, it may feel lazy or tired. It will be an excellent option to consult an experienced vet to know about the right food along with the correct quantity for your Labrador.

There is a possibility that Labrador is allergic to some specific food item which makes the overall food unsuitable for it.


Depression not just limited to human but dogs faces it more than us. Almost all of the dogs suffer from separation anxiety when not appropriately attended.

Similarly, due to their dynamic and social nature, Labradors are more prone to suffer from depression when the owner is not spending time with it. If you are noticing a lazy Labrador that is lying on the sofa day and night, it may be due to depression.

Try spending more than average time with it, bring it to the random walks, and purchase new toys for it. With all this effort, you will get your fireball back.


Within the reasons due to which your Labrador is lazy, age is also a factor. Your Labrador is getting old, due to which there is a fall in the overall activities.

As Labradors get older, their body will demand more energy to move, so they sleep more to recover. If you are noticing gradual laziness in your Labrador, it may be due to the growing age, so no need to worry.


Illness is something that makes the dogs lazy, even if you have a Labrador, super active pup. Illness can be the reason when there is some pain evidence along with fatigue when awake.

You may also notice some additional signs of the illness, which is becoming the reason for the pup’s laziness.


Most of the time, regular vaccination or some medication causes mild illness or fatigue due to which lab becomes lazy. Mostly The laziness due to medication is temporary, just due to the side effects.

Consulting a vet can be a good option for the welfare of your lab’s health.


Moving ahead maybe not anything serious, but just depression. Perhaps you are not spending quality time with your lab, and it’s getting depression along with separation anxiety.

Some fear or sudden accident also causes depression in Labradors. Newly adopted Labradors also give you lazy behavior because of their honeymoon phase.

In these conditions, the laziness is temporary, and your lab will be standard in a couple of days. For quick recovery, try spending more time with your darling furball.

The weather is too hot.

Labrador Loves Water

If your Labrador is lazy since the weather has changed, maybe it’s feeling fatigued because of the hot weather. Exercise along with the water access and shaded areas are going to be helpful if this condition is proper. Trust me, Labrador loves water.

Nature of Labrador

Yes, Labradors are energetic and active dogs, but most of the giant breeds (Also Read, Is Labradors a Large breed?) sleep for extended times compared to the other dogs. If you are concerned that the lab is sleeping more than usual, don’t panic, they are wired this way.

However, if excessive sleeping is an impulsive behavior, then consulting a vet is essential.

Is Labrador a lazy dog?

No, not at all, Labradors are not lazy dogs even they are considered the most energetic breed among dogs. However, there can be some situations in which Labrador may act lazy such as due to weather or when ill.

The reasons as mentioned earlier also make the lab lazy otherwise, the breed will never sit on the couch for the whole day. Young Labradors are challenging to handle because of their super active and social nature.

But with time, in their older ages, Labradors may get lazy, and you will notice a significant fall in their activities.

Are Labrador’s low energy?

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No, Labradors are not low-energy pups. Labradors are considered the most fun-loving and as well as active breeds when compared with the other breeds.

Additionally, as the active dogs, their body demands plenty of exercises to get rid of behavioral problems. At the same time, labs enjoy the quick run, fetching game, and as well as love playing with the ball.

Moreover, Labradors are water dogs which means they love swimming, another trait to show their energy.

How to increase Labrador energy when it’s getting lazy?

At this point, you are well aware of the causes of laziness in Labradors. So boosting the Labrador’s energy is now easy, just by reversing the causes. As none of us want a lazy lab, lying on the couch and not giving us company.

Proper diet

As mentioned above that improper diet can be a reason when your Labrador is getting lazy. So reversing the cause, try to serve your lab with a healthy and suitable diet.

Make sure that Labrador is eating correctly according to its activities. Labradors are very friendly breed so it would be good if you also bring the Labrador-friendly food so that it will feel full and will be active as usual.

Regular exercise

Labradors are super active dogs and hence need a good amount of exercise. Regular exercise will never make your dog lazy so try to take them out for a walk daily.

Along with this, try to play Labrador’s favorite games, such as the fetch game and the hidden treat. In this way, the furball will feel active and energetic.

Reduce boredom

Suppose you are not getting enough time to play with your furball, try to bring toys and other accessories to avoid boredom. Bring some chew toys for your Labrador so that they will not cause behavioral issues.

Ensure that you are selecting the lab-oriented toys; otherwise, the dog may deny playing with them.

Consult vet

When it’s not depression, stress, or separation anxiety, and even when you are providing quality food to your lab but still if it’s lazy, consult an experienced vet.

To wrap it up

It’s the universal truth that Labradors include themselves in the super energetic dog breeds that loves to explore the world.While adopting a Labrador, we are expecting great energy because they are known as fireballs.

But what’s that? The lab is lying on the couch for the whole day and even denying to play its favorite games. Now you are worried and doubting their energy.

At this point questions, pop-ups about why Labradors are lazy. Let me clear this, and Labradors are not lazy at all. Maybe they are not feeling well. So, find the actual reason for Labrador’s laziness and try to fix it.

Mostly, it’s due to the weather, and sometimes it’s the depression. Illness or medication are also the reasons, as mentioned above.

I believe at the end of the blog, you know about the ways to boost the lab’s energy. Don’t panic and consult the vet if you are not getting the actual reason for the laziness.





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