Why Labradors Are The Best? (12 Reasons) 2022

Why Labradors are the Best? Labradors are receiving love and popularity since 1991. It is not a surprise to anyone who is living with Labradors. Due to its flawless nature and calm behavior, the Labradors are famous as the best dog breed.

Why Labradors are the Best?

The loveable breed is rich in attributes that it’s tricky to narrow down some of these. What is not there in Labradors? They are best cuddlers, fast swimmers, quite friendly, best learners, highly energetic, and many more traits to discuss. 

Furthermore, Labradors are at the top of the preferences because of their chill temperament, making them a safe dog around kids. 

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What is good about Labradors?

Let me clear this; these certain points are not enough to elaborate goodness and nice behavior of Labradors. Labradors are best to another level, difficult to gather all in words. Ask the same question from Labrador’s parents, and they are not going to end this conversation.

Well, let’s have a look at some of the prominent positive points or good things about Labradors. I hope the points are convincing enough to help you a better solution when you are willing to adopt a pet dog.

1. Cuddles in the best way

The dog breed is much affectionate and as well as people-oriented, so you will not deny that labs are the best cuddle buddies. No matter what the time, they always want to curl up into your lap, even when it is six times in size.

Their big convincing eyes force you to let them cuddle. Moreover, it’s the best feeling to accept a soothing and delightful cuddle with your furball. Isn’t it the best therapy free of cost?

2. Quick learners

You don’t have to put yourself into the headaches when it’s about teaching a Labrador about some new behaviors. You will be amazed that Labradors are great observers and pick things good.

Training a Labrador is the shortest span (if you are consistent) compared to the other breeds. Teach them anything you want, and Labradors will never disappoint you.

3. Friendly in nature

Labradors are the pride of their parents because neighbors are never complaining about their excessive barking, and they are no threat to someone.

You may feel jealous that your Labrador is pleasing everyone and getting friendly even with strangers. Your Labrador is always the center of attention because of its loving and friendly nature

4. Please their parents

Pleasing the parent nature makes the Labrador the best dog breed. Labrador can feel the Vibe or depression of their parents and try their best to sort the things, being best companions. You will also notice that Labradors greet the parents when they enter the home. It is quite amazing.

5. Labrador’s energy is high.

After adopting a Labrador, you will realize that they are rich in energy among all dog breeds. Maybe some people interpret it as a negative, but it is the best trait for lab lovers.

Luckily, you will never notice a sad or lazy Labrador unless they are suffering from some medical conditions. 

6. Labradors can swim perfectly.

When you are a professional swimmer or swimming lover and willing to have the best companion, you must adopt a Labrador. You will be pleased to know that Labradors are the water dogs, and they swim flawlessly. Even most of the Labradors do not require training to be the swimmer.

7. Nose of security

No need to worry about your Labrador; it will guard you with its efficient traits. Although Labradors are quite friendly at the same time, they can be aggressive toward suspicious ones. 

8. Makes you exercise regularly.

Mentioning about energy, Labrador needs a lot of exercise due to which they also make your exercise regularly. Trips to the Dog Park along with the play sessions and long walks, you name it, and your Labrador is ready.

Weather and other environmental factors can never affect their need to exercise; your lab needs its playtime in rain or Shine. In This Way, you will have lots and lots of exercise without excuses about rain, snow or even storms.

Therefore first, you have to be energetic before bringing this Fireball home.

9. Labradors the goofballs

In expansion to every one of the extraordinary characteristics we noted previously, the Labrador has a clever, funny bone. They are clever, senseless, silly heaps of hiding that will make you chuckle every single day.

The Labrador doesn’t view life too appropriately, implying you shouldn’t go by the same token.

10. Need less grooming

Labradors do not require much grooming because of their shiny natural coat. Detail grooming twice a month is more than enough for your Labrador. No haircuts, no tangles, no hairballs, live an easy peasy life with lab.

11. Helping in nature

Labs regularly become direct canines or search-and-salvage canines. Some even get prepared as treatment canines. Of course, it helps that Labs take preparing admirably.

However, as per the AKC, The Labrador retriever’s ability to please makes them exceptional pursuit and salvage canines, just as guide canines for the visually impaired. Indeed, Labs are the type of decision to fill in as guide and salvage canines.

That implies the variety’s craving to be good pays off.

12. Groom their parents

No other breed cares about the looks and grooming of owners. Labrador shows their love by licking your face while considering it as the parent grooming. Cleaning the food leftovers from your face and trying to make you look perfect is cute to watch. 

Are labs the nicest dogs?

Labrador with kid

Yes, labs are the nicest dogs among all other medium to large breeds. The loveable and sweet-faced Labradors are the high-spirited friends. People who want a super active dog who is nice at the same time must go ahead with Labradors. 

Don’t worry when you are bringing Labrador home; it will act like a family member rather than a pet. Labradors are friendly enough to make the strongest bond with each family member and even with other street dogs. Your Labrador is going to be the best buddy of your neighbor’s dogs.

Sharing toys with everyone, perfect cuddles, and the pleasing nature of the Labrador make them the nicest dogs among all breeds.

Dog parents may wonder if different colored labs show different behavior or all of these are the same. If color affects them, then which color Labrador is sharp or intelligent.

Which color Labrador is the most intelligent?

It’s a common question about adopting a family pet, especially when it’s a Labrador. Everybody wish for a smart and intelligent dog that is never putting us in weird situations.

You will be happy to read that Labradors are the brightest dog among all other dog breeds.

Like this, they’ve positioned the seventh most brilliant canine variety regarding compliance and operational insight (out of 138 varieties).

In any case, what makes them truly savvy is their boss recovering senses and the capacity to adjust to conditions and circumstances easily.

Now that’s surprising that one specific colored Labrador is dominating others due to its intelligence level. Before spilling the beans, let me mention that this Labrador is the best helper and guard at the same time.

It’s Black Labrador, for sure, that is a quick learner and rich in great cognitive abilities. But it doesn’t mean that other colored Labradors are dumb, but they are best in their ways.

For example, yellow Labrador picks things quickly and is easy to train. While on the other hand, if you notice the chocolate color Labrador, you will find it destroying your home.

It makes things clear for you relating to the intelligence level. 

To wrap it up

When you need a friend at your low times and a companion for exploring the world, at that time, Labrador proves themselves best. Labrador parents are lucky because their pet dog is mature and intelligent enough to understand things.

Almost all of the Labradors are considered loveable and calm dogs, along with many other impressive qualities. Even the pure Labrador is dominating all other breeds and crossbreeds based on its intelligence.

Also, there is a relaxation for the parents that they don’t have to plan the regular trips to the groomer for lab’s haircut. So don’t look for a second opinion and go-ahead to adopt a Labrador by keeping all of the mentioned aspects in mind.

There is nothing wrong if you say that Labradors are born perfect. 

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