Why My Labrador Is Thin? (Let’s Find Out) 2022

Labradors are famous because of their giant size and included themselves in the medium to the large dog. Their skinny body is easily noticeable and can be a point of concern for a parent.

Don’t just add more food into the meals of your pup without knowing the actual reason. It’s not always the less intake of food that gives a skinny body to your dog, but causes can be different sometimes.

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Why My Labrador Is Thin? Genetics, along with illness and excessive exercise,(read how much exercise does Labrador Need?) let your darling Labrador into a condition where its body speeds up the weight loss process.

Knowing about the reason is highly recommended so that you solve the problem from the root. Have a look at the possible reasons

Why is my Labrador not putting on weight?

Labradors are giant in structure and not meant to be skinny. Therefore if you are noticing a skinny Labrador, there is something fishy, for obvious.

As a Labrador owner, you must know about the actual reasons behind sudden weight loss. Some of the primary and common causes are

Genetically thin

If you do not notice any physical evidence of some diseases, maybe your Labrador is skinny because of its genes.

This would be the situation when your Labrador was skinny as a puppy, and it has not become thin all of a sudden.

When you are feeding the right amount of food (checkout How much to feed Labrador?) to your furball, and there are no such issues, then skinny Labrador is not a point to worry about.


If your Labrador is not putting on weight, you must replace its regular diet with some healthy one after the consultation with VET.

Maybe you are not feeding the right amount and good quality food to your Labrador, due to which it is getting skinny day by day.

Ensure that your Labrador is not allergic to some specific food item before you offer meals to it.


Although the Labrador breed needs a lot and a lot of exercises regularly with the quality food consumption, it is good if your Labrador is exercising daily but are you counting the right calories for it?

Maybe the level of exercise does not match the quantity of food due to which your Labrador is getting skinny.


This is the first reason that pops up into dog parents’ minds when they notice the weight loss in their Labrador. To some extent and in some conditions, illness can be a reason but not always.

If the illness is the cause of your sudden weight loss in Labrador, it will be pretty evident in the activities. In case of noticing some physical evidence of pain or some disease, then you should not waste time arranging a trip to the vet.


As we know that Labrador is a social breed, therefore more prone to get separation anxiety or stress when not served with the proper time.

There is a possibility that your Labrador is facing some pressure, and this mental condition is not letting it put on weight. Most of the time, fear and new surroundings become the cause of stress to Labrador.

How thin should labs be?

Why my Labrador is thin

Dog owners may get a complex that their Labrador is too skinny. Don’t worry if your Labrador’s overall body condition is good, which means there is no serious reason.

But if the ribs and vertebra of Labrador are visible, then it reflects the point that your Labrador is too much skinny than average.

Before bringing any medication or branded food, it is highly recommended for the dog parents to know about the ideal weight for Labrador.

The ideal weight for male and female Labrador will differ depending on their activities and energy level, but the standards are here.

For male Labrador, 60 to 80 lbs. is considered as the ideal weight. Your Labrador should not be skinny than this weight.

While on the other hand, 55 to 70 lbs. are the perfect weight for a female Labrador. Less than the standard will be considered as a skinny female Labrador that means a weak dog.

How can I fatten up my Labrador?

A skinny Labrador is never a point to worry about when there are no severe diseases; you can quickly fatten up your dog with some good practices.

All you have to do is to focus on their diet and as well as on their exercise routine. Feeding your Labrador at a proper time is going to help.

Sweet potato and pumpkin

Sweet potato and as well as pumpkin are healthy ways to serve your dog with suitable weight. If you want to cut off excessive protein from the diet of your Labrador and want it to gain weight, then both of this food are perfect options.

In this way, you can increase the quantity of fat along with fiber in the meals. Both of these are helping to enhance the digestive system of your Labrador.

Even you can bring a canned form of this food so that your Labrador will put on the right amount of weight. Additionally, make sure to keep an eye on the quantity because more of these can make your Labrador overweight.

Regular exercise

There is a misconception that exercise is only for weight loss but know that it is crucial to achieving the right weight goal for your Labrador.

Therefore it is highly recommended to exercise your Labrador regularly to maintain its healthy weight. In addition, you can add high protein and as well as fat into your dog’s meal so that it will stay fit and fine.

Provide fresh food

It would be best to replace the dry kibble of your Labrador with fresh food because it is much appealing for dogs due to its strong scent. In this way, your dog will eat properly and will not be thin anymore.

If you favor providing Fresh Food such as vegetables to your Labrador, then make sure it is not spoiled. Try to serve your dog warm food rather than providing it cold or freeze food.

Proper routine

Food is handled and processed somewhat contrastingly by canines than people; however, the two creatures are very comparative.

Individuals who eat inside a couple of hours before bed, for instance, have a higher probability of putting on weight. Eating just before bed urges your body to store the supplements as fat.

Serve your dog with eggs.

Eggs are the best food for dogs when you want them to gain weight. Eggs are rich in fats and as well as in protein and serve the dog with amino acids.

The presence of fatty acid is not just healthy for the body but also for the hair and skin of your lab. Additionally, eggs contain plenty of nutrients and are easy to digest as a snack. Picking the food rich in eggs is also a good option when you want your Labrador to fatten up.


Complete the carbohydrate portion of your Labrador by serving it with white rice in a cooked form. There is a wide range of recipes to make rice for dogs when you want them to fatten up.

However, dogs cannot rely on rice (Also read is white rice good for dogs everyday?) because it is not rich in protein and nutrition, but you can serve this with some other meal. Providing rice as a snack food is going to boost the overall weight gain process of your Labrador.

To wrap it up

We all know that Labradors contain a big body, and they are not wired to be thin dogs. But at some point in life, you may notice a sudden weight loss in your lab. Mainly the weight loss is temporary in dogs, but it can be permanent if there is some disease in their body.

There is the possibility that your Labrador is suffering from some severe illness that is making it thin. While on the other hand, it can be due to the growing age of your Labrador.

Sometimes carelessness from the owner’s side, such as not providing proper food and exercise, causes sudden weight loss. Stress, depression, or separation anxiety are some other reasons which make your Labrador thin and weak.

So make sure that you are serving your dog with a proper diet at the right time, along with plenty of exercises and time. If all of the mentioned causes are wrong in your Labrador’s case, you must consult a vet to know about the accurate reason.

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